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  1. Just thought id post this up, as they're not exactly plentiful now.. I was in a couple of scrapyards today looking for bits for my aw11 mr2 and one of them had 6(!!) st162 celicas in - all of them have lots of useable bits left on them and at least one was an auto - they're in the scrapyard off jackson street in haydock (st helens). They also had an early nissan silvia Another yard had one of those mega-rare 2dr saloon type st162's - a 162 without the hatch at least i think it was a 162, could have been the earlier shape? It was a C plate). That was in winwick
  2. here it is.. as you can see, the paintwork is a bit flat (to say the least) and it's filthy inside, but apart from that it's just about the most solid aw11 i've seen! all 4 arches are perfect, both sills are perfect and so is the windscreen surround. and to top it off, it's a mk1a and one of the earliest ones at that, and has a whole binder full of history - it's had literally everything done at toyota. quite lively in the wet as well, as i found out driving it home! :D
  3. Hi! Dunno if anyone remembers, but i was a fairly regular member on here a few years ago - i had a couple of AE82 Corolla GT's (still miss my last one :( ) Well i thought i'd show my face again, because as of today, im back with toyota power. It's not my main car (thats now a Megane R26 (waits for flaming!)), and needs a bit of work, but im well happy with it. can't wait to pick it up now! Pics to follow!!
  4. Looks stunning mate, but it's deffo had paintwork - those bumper grills should be black, the GT badge should be red and the gap between the wing and the door looks a bit big, so its probs a pattern wing, due to rust!! Very jealous though, those wheels really set it off
  5. yes :!Removed!: especially when you let it go for daft money! ah well, you live and learn
  6. Is this the one that's been hibernating, or is it a new aquisition? :D Looks really smart anyway. If i ever get another one, i'd like a black one. you got any available? only i'm trying to sell my car to my boss and if i do i want something cheaper again
  7. whatever you do, don't sell it. it's sickening when stuff like that happens, but not as sickening as watching it drive away, for probably about a tenth on what you must have spent on it. not to mention all the time and effort. it WILL be worth it in the end
  8. unless it has mods and you have a printout, it's not got 180bhp. silvertops had about 140-145, blacktops had about 160bhp with the emissions gubbins on
  9. i think they were ET42. The rsgt's actually fitted really well - it was only when i had 2 people in the back they'd catch over big bumps, and i could get full lock both ways at the front. but, that car was lowered and had stiffer shocks which will have made a difference. I had a set of 17's on my 1st one, which i think were ET38 which would catch over big bumps with just me in the car, but that was on standard suspension which was pretty tired.
  10. looks a nice one that. PM me with the details - might be interested, if you're flogging it
  11. as long as they're the right offset, they'll fit, but they'll rub with people in the back
  12. providing they havn't been re-painted, the cam covers on the early (3 rib block) 4AGE was a silvery/gold colour with blue lettering. the later ones had red lettering, it didn't say TVIS on the intake and the plastic cover in between the cam covers was different if i remember rightly as far as i knew, all uk AE86's (like all AE82's) originally came with the early blue-top engine, but i could be wrong
  13. erm...yeh, coz i really want one with 10 tonnes of filler round the windscreen oh, and what a surprise...it's being bodged up to sell
  14. lol, you have been away a while :D i sold it last december wish i never had now
  15. To be honest, he only ever posts crap like this, or asks if someone is selling an AE82, or tells everyone how "mint" whichever particular AE82 he owns at the time is. it wouldn't surprise me if the whole car is nowt but filler
  16. i managed to get a set from a graphics company - they already had them on their system. only difference was, whereas the toyota stickers are a clear stick with the outline of the words shaded on, these repros were a sticker of just the outline. Cost me £20 for both sides. Toyota wanted about that for the word "TWIN"
  17. Off topic, but i'm sure i saw you yesterday!! Or was it just a coincidence that there was a very clean looking, black GT4 at the mascrat roundabout at about half 7? :D
  18. you may as well not bother - you're covering up the problem, not solving it. give it 6 months and it will loom worse than when you started
  19. :D Yeh well, i knew a good deal when i saw it!! :P and it's not as if i made money on it, becuase i probably spent about £500 on it without the wheels, on bits here and there, that all add up. there's been a couple on ebay recently that were no where near as nice that have gone for £2k + so it's probably the case that we both sold it just before they were actually beginning to be worth something. aren't we clever!!
  20. i sold it last december! gave the !Removed! thing away :censor: perth's too far though
  21. whereabouts are you? any more pics/info you can send? james.taylor243@ntlworld.com
  22. get some more quotes, because they're crap. I pay less than what you'd be paying on a 20 year old corolla GL for a peugeot 306 GTI-6 in my name and im 19 with no NCB. To be honest, if you can't insure a GT, i wouldn't bother - what's the point in buying a GL? Get something newer
  23. Indeed i did. It was under my mum's name though
  24. more importantly, if you're going through all the hassle of an engine conversion, why not choose a performance version?
  25. i used to have an AE82, which were front wheel drive and made from 1985-1987 (the 3 door versions). The others came out in 1983. The AE86 was the rear wheel drive coupe version and was 1984-1987 in the UK
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