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  1. My 2005 Yaris Rear Bearing Needed Changing, I Got Two 1.25 X40mm Bolts From Toolstation, These Were Inserted In Hub And Easily Withdrew The Hub For Me, Luckily Bearing Was Very Easy To Remove And Replace.
  2. Recentley took my 2004 T3 Yaris for M.O.T. Wich passed, on collecting car and driving home, disaster the gearbox packed up, Now having real problems locating good used gearbox, Wonder if anyone can assist. Regards Mike
  3. My Yaris T3 2004 I Was Driving Home Quite Happily When I Heard A Horrible Grating Sound From Gearbox, Then Bang, No Gears At All, Thank GOD For The R.A.C. Who Got Me And Stricken Car Home, Now Have To Find And Replace Box, Seems Only Sensible To Do Clutch As Well
  4. has anyone had similar problem 2003 yaris tailgate refuses to open tried keyfob manual unlock still will not open ???????
  5. as a newbie to the Toyota yaris owners I had interesting experience whilst driving on m4 south wales I noticed one wiper driver side was longer than passenger side this was topic of much amusment for rest of trip, I decided to buy new wiper blades and asked motor factor if they also noticed this difference in size or maybe I needed a trip to specsavers.
  6. hi folks, interesting I also had hub bearing wich did not want to be removed, I gave it a good spray with w.d.40 next day slide hammer removed it with ease.
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