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  1. Toyota Estima Hybrid 2007. Battery change I bought a Bosch 005L 60Ah. Tested today and it works fine. The only modification is that the two wires (thermo couple) was disconnected from the original battery and re glued on the new battery. Silly me I didnt think straight. The Thermocouple has to be glued to the casing to sence temperature and not penetrate the casing. The new battery had 2 push in vent plugs. So I left the RHT in position and removed the LHS only. The Original battery vent pipe (elbow) pulled out as it was just glued in position with a spot of glue and slightly modified on its Outside diameter before gluing into the vent hole on the Bosch. Works a treat and saved me £150 against purchasing a Toyota battery. Lets see how long it lasts. Oh yes finally the Bosch is about 15mm longer that the original but sits on a movable plastic tray and drops in perfectly. Still a bit of finishing work to do but so far very good
  2. Looked at megazip but they dont list the AHR20 model (starts 2007) At £20 its worth a punt to see if Toyota changed this part after the AHR10
  3. Yes understood thanks. Its is a bit of a punt really. It arrives today so I will find out soon. The dimensions are spot on. Will let you know the outcome
  4. New Subject Cruise control retrofit There are many companies selling these for a very reasonable price, Has anybody experienced fitting one to an Estima Hybrid? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254233008284 Manufacturer Part Number : 84632-34011 Reference OE/OEM Number : Looks to good to be true 84632-34011
  5. I contacted Toyota who said that the only battery listed was the Toyota branded S55D23L at £204. (no idea if its AGM type or flooded) I looked at the AGM batteries available on the net but they are the wrong size and even the size that will just squeeze in was really too low Ah. So in the end I ordered a Bosch 005/005L Bosch Heavy Duty Car Battery S4024 12V 60Ah 4 Yr Wty At £66 its worth a try. I will also invest in one of those Suaoki T10 jump starter. as recommended above Thanks everybody. All I need now is a fix on the electric sliding door. An expert is required I think
  6. Suaoki 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Battery Charger Power Bank Assume this is the one
  7. Thanks I will also contact the local Toyota dealer
  8. Those two wires That would explain why it wasn't registering a voltage! Many thanks
  9. Many thanks for that. I have just cancelled the order and will hunt around for the AGM type instead. Do you know what the 2 extra wires are all about on the Panasonic S55D23L original?
  10. I just ordered one of these Lucas LP005 / LP005L Battery = 55D23L Car Not sure if it will work but if anybody has experience changing the knackered original Panasonic S55D23L, please let me know
  11. New to the system and not sure how this works. I own a 2007 Estima Hybrid 2.4 engine. What a fantastic vehicle and brilliant value even SH from Japan However it needs a new auxiliary battery. Where do you get these with the extra two wires attached? David
  12. There is no substitute for experience particularly when it comes to auto sliding doors that are still not so common. The mechanic was pretty good getting as far as he did but couldn't find the small fault remaining. The problem is also finding the competent auto electrician. I have only lived in this area 18 months and am a full time carer. I think that in the closed position at the press of the button the latch "open" or release signal is not sending the message to allow the motor to start opening the door. Whereas when the door is latched in the open position the latch release signal works and starts the motor to close the door
  13. I have a 2008 model that is simply a brilliant vehicle but I have a fault when the door is latched closed. It will not open on the push button opening (both from the door handle, remote and dash button). However it closes perfectly when in the latched open position. The problem started when the car went in for its first MoT. The car was returned and neither open or close worked. The local mechanic did his best to get this far Has anybody come across this? Also in my area BD18 I want to connect with a mechanic who has knowledge of these models. There are a considerable number of these cars around but I haven't come across a specialist. best Regards