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  1. Of course is aftermarket not genuine. Reason for sale has been written already at Toyota Auris o2 sensors topic, please read it there.
  2. Cat converter for sale. Toyota prius third gen and auris E180 hybrid models 220gbp
  3. The mechanics who came into my house was a bit dodgy...He was installing this cat converter wich is for sale now. It was an unpacked original sealed euro car parts stuff. But it was a bit strange as he was asking for the original bolts & springs as he said the new one does not fit....But i have got only one so he was installing with one bolt & spring at the muffler side. Also he was not giving the invoice and the rest of the converter...He was giving invoice about the fitting wich was include the parts...But he did not bring o2 sensor so i have got new cat converter without o2 sensor. Anyway i was fed up with him and went an other garage who was re- fitting the whole staff with warranty and that is why the first installed part is for sale now as i do not need anymore.
  4. Thanks for the info. Will post it there
  5. Succesfully has been replaced my cat conv with the o2 sensor. It was cost over 700GBP... I have now one spare cat converter for sale. If you are interested message me.
  6. Thanks for the information and pics helping me a lot. It looks like only the last pics seen heath shield has been taken off what they left behind. It looks a bit worn but i can fold it back to its shape by hand (very soft almost like kitchen foil) and the holes for the pin are also undamaged. I have got some plastic clips recently from ebay hope will does to mounting back.
  7. Also i do not know how many heath shield installed originally on the cat converter? I want to replace also as the buglars left behind (one piece) but it has been riped off... Also i do not know how is it fitted by bolts or plastic rivets? I was found some broken plastic rivets next to the heath shield guess that is mounting to the chassis? Would be appreciated for some pics illustration. Thanks
  8. Thanks. The pics helps a lot. I am replacing aftermarket cat converter but the sensor is genuine Toyota part. I was thinking to fix myself but found a garage does the job with genuine toyota parts or high quality japanese parts. (not official Toyota dealership) Unfortunatelly there was no CCTV or witnesses. It was around 3.45-4.05am sunday 12th January Greenford area UB6 postcode not far from Sudbury Town station. My car was parking on my driveway not on the street... I have not got any protection unfortunatelly.
  9. It has been stolen...They cut it off and take it along the cat converter....Thats why i want find out wich one need to buy. They cut off the sensor and i have got only four wire now...
  10. How many o2 sensors does my Toyota Auris 2017 1.8 Hybrid? Also what it the difference between them and where they are located?