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  1. This is the reply I just received from the local Toyota agent:- “Hi Jason, I have spoken with our senior technicians and it was told that when this issue occurs to come to our show room and don’t turn the car off. Hopefully its not after hours or the weekend.”
  2. Thanks flash22. I'll mention this to them, for the record. Kind regards, Jason.
  3. Thank you furtula. There is only one dealer in Malta and yes I did show them this video. Yes the error shows that it seems to be the brake system (although this seems to work well in practice. No issues so far), and when the Toyota dealer checked the ABS they too found nothing wrong with the ABS. In addition to that when the agent conducted a computer diagnostic, the fault I saw as per the video did not register so it's all rather strange. I suspect that this some "sensor" playing up.... so I've asked the agent to take another look. Meanwhile I'm keeping a size 10 spanner in my glove-compartment. Incidentally - would you let me know how I can reach 'Toyota themselves', just in case it comes to this? Kind regards, Jason.
  4. Good afternoon. I took delivery in MALTA through the local Maltese Agents for Toyota, of a new Toyota Land Cruiser YOM 2019, in September 2019. The vehicle has not been modified in any way, with the following two applications only: 1) changed the tyres from stock fitted: Dunlop 245/70R17 (road tyres) to Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX PRO 245/70R17 (all-terrain tyres) - maintained the same size as manufacturer recommendation. 2) applied Dinitrol to chassis/undercarriage to protect against elements. Both applications were made with prior approval/permission of the local agents for Toyota. Since taking delivery of the vehicle I have been experiencing the fault warning as shown in the attached video on a random/irregular basis. The vehicle works just fine but there is the rather annoying thing that when this fault warning appears, I am unable to turn off the engine. I reported this to the local agent (this happened the second day of my taking delivery of the vehicle) but they advised me, after inspecting it, that they found nothing registered as a fault in the system's software. Nevertheless, the issue recurs at random intervals, sometimes going days without manifesting itself. When it has recurred (and seeing as the local agents did not find any registered fault) I normally let the car idle for a few minutes and then I manage to turn it off. Not so this past Sunday, when the vehicle refused to respond to the engine stop-start button for over 4 hours leading me to have to turn it off by engaging 1st gear and letting go of the clutch whilst depressing the brake. I then disconnected the battery since the electrics had remained 'on', so that I could use it again the next morning. The next morning, I reconnected the battery, and the vehicle worked perfectly well. Anyone here have any idea as to what might be happening and how to resolve it? When I take the vehicle to Toyota they are unable to find anything in the vehicle's computer to register that the fault has occurred. Thanks for any assistance and kind regards, Jason. Toyota_LC_fault_14-01-2020.MOV
  5. Good afternoon. Just a line to introduce myself. Based in MALTA. Kind regards, Jason.