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  1. Thanks for the input. Guess I can tell my wife that the car is not haunted!
  2. Thanks - I'm guessing a short circuit is far more likely than electromagnetic interference. I'll try a long run out when I get chance
  3. Hi All, I've noticed a couple of weird things happening with my 2013 Yaris over the past few days and wondering if anyone has experienced similar or knows what might be going on. Yesterday I spotted the lights flashing through my house window and when I opened the front door the remote locking was automatically triggering open and closed continuously. My fob was on my desk so nothing was triggering the button. I pressed the lock button and it locked and I have not noticed this again. This morning I was driving the kids to school and the radio kept switching stations on its own. Two very different and very odd things, if either had happened on their own I would have just put it down to random occurrence but both happening within 24 hours has me slightly concerned. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Tom