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  1. quite! Yes that's my plan. It was an Ebay special, so wondering if although it fits it isn't actually compatible.
  2. Thanks, yes doing as you say doesn't bring up the word Cruise. Nothing happens at all. Also checking around as best I can online there doesn't seem to be an associated fuse.
  3. Ok, so it's back to why is it not working? 😞
  4. Thanks. Wonder if I have a duff or non-compatible stalk?
  5. Sorry to drag up an old topic - I bought the parts to do this on my 2005 T3 Prius and got my mechanic to fit everything but it doesn't work. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Do you have to 'tell' the ECU or something that CC is now fitted for it to work? This was the stalk which it claims is compatible with a 2005 Prius: (I also got the appropriate brake switch).