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  1. I'll silicone the rear lenses, does the bumper need to be removed to silicone the the vent seal? The auris is a 2012
  2. Boot is soaking, loads of water in spare wheel area. Just the seals around the rear lights? How does this get to rear carpet
  3. My bad, am sure it's a 2014
  4. Looking to help someone I know , there auris has a wet rear nearside carpet. Any common areas they're known to let water in causing wet rear carpet?
  5. My mums owned her 1.0 2012 yaris since new. The engine has always sounded like a remote control car, put it down to being a 3 cylinder? I also suspect there maybe a timing chain noise from it, it's now at 112k miles, dealer service history until 100, I've done two services since for her. Best way to inspect chain, anyone done one them selfs? Over 100k about right milage for chain replacement