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  1. Hi Catlover, Apologies for not replying sooner! I purchased my PIAA horns from Amazon UK. Cost £47. Just had a look on Amazon and I see these are marked as currently unavailable. (I did see them recently on DemonTweeks for about the same price). They were simple to fit (I followed a YouTube vid) - No need for a relay as the draw for each horn is only 2.7Amp - the factory horn fuse is 10Amp. Here a link to a US Toyota forum if you're interested in more obs on horn replacement https://www.toyotanation.com/threads/horn-upgrade.1650404/. Regards , Jack
  2. Fitted PIAA 500/600 Sports horn to my 2019 HB. Absolute doddle. Search YouTube for vid 'Changing horn on 2020 Corolla SE'. The difference compared to the puny factory horn is unreal.
  3. Thanks Ian.s - Really appreciated 👍
  4. Hi Ian.S Mind me asking what wireless charger you got to fit in the dash phone slot? I started a topic on this yesterday but no replies yet. Many thanks 👍
  5. Hi, Has anyone fitted a wireless phone charger in their Corolla Hybrid E210? I've seen some options where one can be attached to the air vents. I would like to fit one in the cubby just forward of the drive select and wire to the power outlet in the arm rest. Any suggestions very much appreciated.