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  1. Can anyone tell me what the software versions for a 2019 car should be? Mine are currently: Audio: 1000 Navigation: 1512 navdb_version: 943 Its going into the dealer at the weekend and I want to make sure they update any which are needed.
  2. The dealer said he will try to get it booked in this Saturday to have an engineer take a look. The car was a demonstrator and was registered in March last year, how can I check whether I have the latest version of the firmware and maps?
  3. Hi, I just got a 2019 Corolla Touring Hybrid 1.8 which I really like. I have 4 usb sticks and I have had trouble getting the car to play music from them. Most of the time it just plays a few seconds of each track and then skips to the next track. Sometimes it plays perfectly but that is the exception. I have used all 4 sticks in my previous car (Hyundai i40) without issue. I have tried deleting all the files on one stick and just having about 40 .mp3 files in the root folder but it still has the same issues. Also, twice will i have been messing about pulling the USB stick in and out the sat nav map reboots itself. Anybody had a similar issue? Thanks.