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  1. I've got an error come up. I had the cat converter replaced after getting the original stolen. I had a Klarius cat converter and Bosch O2 sensor put on - both from Euro Car parts. The error has been there maybe 4/5 months now. I just learned to live with it. Now, I am seeing much lower fuel economy and the engine runs out of oil and needs to be topped up 3 litres every 2 months. Elsewhere, I was told I need to identify where the fault is - whether it's the cat converter or the O2 sensor. HOW to do this... I am confused... I can't find any guides anywhere. On youtube, I saw 2 videos where people added a '90 Degree Oxygen O2 Sensor Socket' to get rid of the error. Is this something I should consider? Thanks.
  2. I have a 2008 Prius. Last serviced 10,000 miles ago. I think I should have got serviced at 5000 miles? The car has 137200 miles on the clock right now. Can someone tell me what needs to get done for servicing and what parts I need? Previously, the car would have just got basic servicing - like oil and filter. (The car was inherited from a taxi driver - but got basic servicing done regularly.) Thanks.