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  1. Great thanks Bob. I did the breakers thing and you were right, a big shopping bag full of keys! They wanted £5 and were happy for me to test. I found 3 similar Toyota keys, 1 Vareo and 2 had fallen apart like mine, so this looks like a regular fault with these keys and I'm going to wrap some tape around the remaining key! I now have a new flippy key case on order from China for £11 so all well and thanks again for your help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Upgraded-Remote-Key-Fob-433MHz-4D67-for-Toyota-Echo-Yaria-1999-2005-89070-52081/132754528204
  2. That's brilliant Bob, thank you, really helpful and that hadn't shown up when searching. The programming looks straightforward if I can get the right key. The key doesn't have any markings anywhere inside or out, other than a blurred H144(?) on the transponder. I did some searching and both Yaris keys on Ebay at the moment are Valeo, so I assume they won't work... and a call to my main dealer says that they now don't sell the transponder circuit board seperately, so its £120 for the key, and I did get a part number of 89070-52081. My new plan is to visit my local breakers for s
  3. Hi, I have lost the circuit board insert out of the 2 button remote control on my 2001 Yaris and need to replace it. Annoyingly the screw pulled through the plastic key fob and the circuit board is now lost (the car wouldn't start without it, so I got home on the bus and returned the following day with the spare key!). As I still have the (empty) key and fob and a spare remote, can I just replace the circuit board (H144 it looks like) with a circuit board from a breakers yard and will I also have to have the replacement circuit board reprogrammed? Thanks.
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