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  1. Just getting used to my new RAV 4 Dynamic but there are a few things I miss from my old vehicle (a Ford) - or could it be that I haven't discovered them on the RAV 4 yet ? 1) Auto Main beam/Dipping 2) Memory buttons for seat/mirror positions for different drivers 3) Radio mute when a sat nav instruction is given
  2. My 2020 RAV4 Dynamic came with a full size (black)alloy spare. Are you sure you'll have to but a 5th alloy ?
  3. Hi - Escalated to Toyota UK (thanks Frostyballs !) I got the vehicle back after being off the road for exactly 4 weeks following the breakdown which occurred less that 48 hours after delivery. They loaned me a C-HR during the 4 weeks and I've just received a £150 High Street voucher as a "gesture of goodwill" from Toyota UK. I'm still regaining confidence in it and I keep looking out for the engine warning light !
  4. Engine warning light came on less than 48 hours after delivery. Its been off the road for 2 weeks with the likliehood of a further 2 weeks minimum due to availability of replacement sensor. Not impressed. Anyone else had this problem or know how I can escalate this beyond my dealer. (The repairing dealer who has it now in Coventry isn't the same dealer in Leeds that supplied it).