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  1. Hi again Does anyone know where the front tow hook is stored in the car. Or what size/length and diameter, or part n/o it is, so a replacement can be purchased?
  2. As per your recommendation, have just received the estima owners manual from ebay, it is more substantial than I anticipated, thank you TP49 for the link. Also have had the car fully serviced, at a reasonable cost too. Thanks for all the advice so far 😄
  3. Hi again Thank you for the link, it is appreciated. Shall look into it 😄 Stephen
  4. Hi TP49 "Ask Tony (TP49)...I think he got a basic manual from a Jap parts supplier in the Midlands." Are you in possession of such a thing 😄
  5. Thanks for the reply an advice Neil 😄 Is there a handbook or something similar that has a list of oils/lubes, filters, tyre pressures etc anywhere that you know of?
  6. Hi Neil and Tony, thanks for the replys 😄 Do you recommenced that all the fluids should be changed and all filters changed, as not sure when they were last done? And is there anything else that could/should be changed? Glad to hear that cam belt is chain, less change of failure!
  7. Hi all Having just bought a 2002 Estima petrol automatic, would like to give it a thorougher servicing. eg: drop all the oils and lubes and replace filters, as there is no vehicle record book or proper servicing record. So, what would everyone recommend that should be done to the vehicle to ensure it runs as best as it can, and what needs replacing, any belts etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😄
  8. Hi For insurance purposes is the Estima the same as a Previa?
  9. Hi and thank you for the welcome
  10. Hi TP49 Thank you for the greeting and advice 😄
  11. Hi Eddie G Thank you for the greeting 😄
  12. Thank you for the welcome RUToyota and for the advice and direction 😄
  13. Hi Frosty 😄 Thank you for the reply, is he a mon-fri guy? or any time contact?