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  1. Finally some action. https://news.met.police.uk/news/police-operation-to-stop-thefts-of-catalytic-converters-423914
  2. Checked my Auris Hybrid 2015 on the DVLA recall check web page today, 8 July , and it's due a safety recall. Phoned my local Toyota dealer and they have confirmed this, but the Recall has just been announced and there are no details as to what the recall is about. The dealer says to wait and they will be in touch. No panic, I just thought I would let everyone know. Here's the link if you want to check your own car: https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ It says MOT check, but if you scroll down the page, your find the Recall check button.
  3. When I made a warranty claim, I phoned Toyota UK first and explained the issue. They told me to take it to your dealership explaining Toyota UK have directed me here with this issue. This seemed to work as my repair was completed with no problems. Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry, did not read this properly, bulb has already been changed. If you have a multimeter or 12v tester, I would check for a feed at the bulb connector as a first step.
  5. I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid and the headlamp bulbs only have 1 filament. This is for dip and main beam, so it may just be the bulb, I would be inclined to test the bulb.
  6. A quick search in the forum's reveals there is a problem with Toyota diesel starter motors when the engine is hot. The start does not turn fast enough to enable starting. This seems a possibility for you. See this thread, I have experienced this on diesel engines, diesel engines need a good quality starter.
  7. Services normally have a set procedure as per the mileage, so they should cover all the items required. You can tell them so any recent problems occuring, but any additional investigations or repairs may add additional charges unless agreed in advance.
  8. When you say it won't start, does the starter motor turn but the engine will not fire up ?
  9. Sounds like something is sticking. Is it a single piston ?
  10. James, not had any serious snow so far, so I can't tell how this car drives in snow. I have snow socks, which are great for short distance at low speed
  11. I have the saloon version of this car and noticed this too, there's no traction control off button. I think there's a way to put the car into service mode to disable traction control but I would be very wary of this. I have seen several warnings not to drive in service mode as this could damage the inverter.
  12. Try an internet search for Techstream. That's the system the dealer's use.
  13. I used to fit tyres in my younger days and came across this quite often. Generally caused by inbedded dirt and old rubber along the rim bead. Removing the tyre and a good clean with a wire brush, then coat with bead lubricant. Usually solved the problem. Sometimes you have to squirt very soapy liquid and leave for 5 mins to find the real slow leaks.
  14. Put some soapy water into a squirt bottle and check it yourself. Try around the tyre bead, very common to leak here. Is the rim damaged ?
  15. Found this thread on a similar problem: https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/108948-20d-engine-noise-from-cold-start/
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