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  1. Hi Parts-King, I found the mute on/off icon on the screen and all is working. Thank you again Regards, Seraphim666
  2. Hi Parts-King, Thank you for that, I'll try that in the morning when I go out. Regards, Seraphim666
  3. Hello all, I used the built-in Sat Nav system the other day for the first time in earnest. Had no really problem with putting my destination and other journey options in and off I went. However, it soon became apparent that there was no Voice Guidance. I had the radio on, tuned to a DAB radio station and fully expected the Sat Nav to override the radio when advising me to turn left, right etc. but no, nothing. I have looked through the settings on Audio System and can't find an option to turn Voice Guidance on or off. My question is, is Voice Guidance the default when using the Sat Nav or do you have to adjust something in the settings. Again, as usual, many thanks for any feedback. Kind regards. Seraphim666 (proud owner of Toyota Auris Icon +D-D4) PS. It just goes to prove, nothing is idiot proof 🙂
  4. Hi furtula, thank you for the heads up on the Techstream hardware and software.
  5. Is there any significant difference in what diagnostics capabilities there are between the Carista and Techstream? Does either offer more functions and functionality than the other? Do you have to pay a subscription for Techstream? Sorry for the interrogation
  6. Hello HS78 and Frostyballs, Thank you each for your response. It appears the science supports Stop / Start benefits, but I can also understand turning it off if you are only doing short journeys. However, I don’t have a choice, it just doesn’t work on my car for some reason and I would like to know why. Someone else has started a similar thread In this forum referring to the cars battery as a potential problem and I have left a question there. So, hopefully, I will get to the bottom it Thank you both again
  7. Hello all, Is there away of checking the battery to determine if it’s fit for purpose i.e. Stop / Star Thank you
  8. Well, I’ve had my Auris for nearly two months and I’ve been on short trips and long journeys and I’ve tried Mooly’s suggestion of turning the engine off when stopped and then restarting, but I can’t get Stop / Start to work. It’s been back to Toyota, who cleared all the codes down and still nothing. Would the fact it’s not working show up on their diagnostics would anyone know. The more I realise I can’t have it the more I want to have it. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.
  9. Hi TonyHSD, I’m interested in how you think Caria performs. Do you have to pay any subscription to Carisa for using diagnostics through their app? Thank you got your contribution to this thread.
  10. Hi furtula, Thank you for information on Techstream. I'm just researching it on the internet and watching Youtube videos etc. Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop anymore, but I am considering a cheap mini note pad from ebay. But I do need to evaluate the options to see if the benefits will be worth the expenditure. Thank you again
  11. Hello to one and all, I love my new Auris Icon 1.4D-4D, it is currently occupying most of my waking hours, I'm retired. so it's my own time and not the ex-bosses. I've been reading about "Hidden and Customisation Menu". I came across it when looking at an OBD device called "Carista". It claims, their device can provide Customisation of items like the following: Dings & Warnings Reverse-gear beep Beep once / Keep beeping while in reverse Seat belt warning ding (driver) Enabled / Disabled Seat belt warning ding (front passenger) Enabled / Disabled Seat belt warning ding (rear passengers) Enabled / Disabled Ding when headlights are left on Yes / No Key-in-ignition ding sound Slow / Medium / Fast Remote low battery warning On / Off Driver Assist Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the PCS switch is turned off and back on Middle / Remember last distance Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the ignition is turned on with the PCS switch off Middle / Remember last distance Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the ignition is turned on with the PCS switch on Middle / Remember last distance Heater & A/C Auto-turn on recirculate mode when A/C is on Yes / No Open vents to outside air when ignition is turned off Yes / No Auto-increase blower speed when front defroster is on Yes / No Open air flow to footwell when AUTO button pressed Yes / No Fan speed reaches its target… Slowly / Normally / Fast A/C ECO mode Enabled / Disabled A/C compressor noise reduction Enabled / Disabled Instruments: Displays & Nav Instrument lights dimming sensitivity Darkest / Darker / Normal / Lighter / Lightest Instrument lights restoring sensitivity Darkest / Darker / Normal / Lighter / Lightest Engine start indicator On / Off Display odometer after ignition is turned off for… 30 seconds / 1 minute / 10 minutes / Off Lights: Automatic Automatic High-beam System (AHS) Enabled / Disabled Auto headlights activation threshold Darkest / Darker / Normal / Lighter / Lightest Lights: Exterior Lane-change turn signal auto-flasher count Off / 3 flashes / 5 flashes / 7 flashes Coming-home lights duration 30 seconds / 60 seconds / 90 seconds / 120 seconds Lights: Interior Turn on interior lights when you shut off engine Yes / No Turn on interior lights when you unlock doors Yes / No Turn on interior lights when smart key in range Yes / No Dim interior lights after… 7 seconds / 15 seconds / 30 seconds Locking: Automatic Wireless door locking Enabled / Disabled Re-lock doors automatically if you unlock, but don't open a door within… 30 seconds / 60 seconds / 120 seconds Locking: Beep & Blink Blink turn signals when locking/unlocking with remote Yes / No Locking: Doors & Alarm Warn (beep) when door can't be locked because it's still open Yes / No Warn (beep) when sunroof is still open when locking doors Yes / No Locking: Smart Key Stop monitoring for car key signal after… 0 - 5 days Trunk Open trunk lid with remote Single click / Double click / Long press / Very long press / Disabled And I was wondering, if there is a way to access "Hidden and Customisation Menus" from within the Touch2Go on board system? I know that if this is possible, you guys will know about it and, hopefully, share your knowledge as you always do. Thank you again
  12. Hello Devon Aygo, Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply. It all makes sense now and I've deleted the Toolbox from my PC as it is surplus to requirements. Thank you again
  13. I bought an Auris 1.4-4D Icon on 7th January. It had done 51,000 miles and I paid under £6,000 for it I'm really pleased with the car, it has lots of new technology in it, well new to me anyway, it is comfortable, drives well and I'm getting close to 50 mpg just tatting around. No sure what the fault is, did they provide any other fault code apart from the 7.12(e). I'm happy with mine so far. If you decide to buy it, I hope you are as pleased as I am
  14. Thank you flash22 for the detailed information
  15. Hello All, (Newbie Toyota Auris Icon + D-D4 owner here) Has anyone downloaded the Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox software for the PC and, after downloading and running the software, been able to create a "fingerprint" of the device on a USB stick? I've downloaded and installed the software with no issues, but even after following the detailed instructions on how to create a "fingerprint" on my USB stick, it just isn't happening for me. Do you need to have a special type of USB stick to be able to use the Toolbox? Any guidance, instructions, input would be welcomed.