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  1. Hello Everybody! I would like to refresh the topic, as I got my Verso-S also without a spare full size wheel nor a space-saver, only with the emergency kit (injection+el. air pump), which I didn't trust too much, and also 50 miles limit on a space-saver do not solve the problem for me, if I got the puncture on any further travel. According to www.wheel-size.com, for Toyota Verso-S 1.33 DUAL VTT-I there is needed 185/65 R15 88H 5x100 or 185/60R16 86H size tyres. (By the way, the rim size is 5.5Jx15 ET45 or 5.5Jx16 ET45 both 5x100 PCD). It is very important to pay attention for the 5x100 (number of bolts and size of the virtual "bolt circle"), as 4-bolt rim simply will not fit to 5-bolt seat at your car. That is why personally I would not recommend to buy the tyres/wheels from other model, unless it has same size numbers. In my car there were fitted 185/60R16 tyres and finally I decided to buy a new full size steel rim + 4 seasons tyre (185/65 R15 88H 5x100 was the only option) from mytyres.co.uk with a good price. I worried it won't fit to the space under the boot (I couldn't find its dimensions anywhere before buying so I measured by myself: eliptical shape 60x67cm), but it fits perfectly under the boot, both width as a depth, without any modifications. Recommend to everyone!\
  2. Hi Guys, Any update on this topic? Have anyone tried to install the cruise controller by himself? Or should I bring the car to the specialized garage?