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  1. KellyK


    Sorry it's a 2010 plate I have updated my profile. Yes I have had my cat stolen. Its a NHS carpark. They have "increased security walk arounds" but seems to have made little difference.
  2. KellyK


    Thank you for this. Really helpful and I think that's made my mind up. Just need to decide what car to try next..
  3. KellyK

    Catloc Hybrid
  4. KellyK


    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately they are stolen regularly at my work car park no matter where you park. I will loose a lot of money if I sell but am concerned about being refused insurance next year if it happens again
  5. KellyK


    Has anyone had a catloc fitted and still have their catalytic converter stolen? Trying to decided whether to sell or get a catloc and risk it. Thanks
  6. I have recently had my catalytic converter stolen from my 18 plate Auris. I was wondering if anyone has invested in a Catloc? If so has your catalytic converted been stolen since you've had the loc fitted? Thanks Kelly