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  1. Mine was getting wet in the back corner on the passenger side. Sealing around the protruding black circular thing that sits under the edge of the tailgate near the light cluster seemed to solve it for me.
  2. I think the 18 inch wheels look a bit silly. I was curious to see how much 175/60 R18 tyres cost, but I guess nothing else uses this size as there aren't any to be found on blackcircles etc.
  3. I was only getting a leak in the back corner on the passenger side and sealing around that thing seems to have solved my problem.
  4. The 'finger' that hooks into the rubber exhaust hanger thing rusted off on my 2012 Aygo a couple of years ago. I think it's reasonably common for them to fail here so you may want to check how this looks. It's the one on the side that the pipe enters and leaves the back box.
  5. Found the invoice from 2015. It just says "Replaced relay"
  6. I had them fail on my 2012 Aygo. I think it turned out to be a faulty relay. It was sorted out under warranty but it took the dealer a while to figure it out. They hadn't seen it before and from what they said it was an awkward job to get to the part that needed replacing.
  7. I had a leak but the only place that really got wet was the corner of the boot near the left lights. I took them out and put some sealant on the plastic foam piece but it didn't solve the problem. I could never see evidence of where it was coming it - only where it ended up. While poking around trying to figure it out I decided to clean the grot out from around the rubber seal for the boot door. Somehow it seems more or less fine now.
  8. Does the stereo have an AUDIO CONT button? On my car you press that to cycle though bass, treble, fader and balance settings and adjust them with TUNE/TRACK up and down. On my car the fader adjusts the balance between the speakers on the dashboard and front doors. I'll have to give that a try myself - I've tweaked the bass and treble but always skipped past the fader setting!
  9. I don't have a 5-door but wonder if the audio controls on their stereos have a front/back as well as left/right fader control and yours is biased all the way to the front?
  10. I've got a 2012 Aygo Fire 3-door with just 35k miles and had the left rear light cluster off at the weekend to apply some sealant to stop the leak coming in there. It passed the first rain test today so fingers crossed that's sorted. Last year I had the rear exhaust section replaced as the metal 'finger' that sits in the rubber hanger had rusted off. I think this happens fairly commonly as well.
  11. We had the first real snow of the winter in North East England this morning and I was actually quite excited to see a good covering when I opened the curtains as it gave me the opportunity to see for myself how winter tyres would perform on my 2012 Aygo. It was brilliant. I had no real problems getting going and more importantly stopping. I may have been taking the confidence they gave me a bit too far as I overtook someone who was creeping along at a snail's pace, then zoomed up the bank out of my village that had someone stranded on it and most people weren't attempting and pushed on through the thick slush where there were two lanes and everyone else was following each other on the clearer lane but I had a whale of a time! One thing to bear in mind is that they're no help if your path is blocked by other people who are stuck or can't get moving. I had to squeeze past a lorry that couldn't quite make it up the inclined approach onto the first roundabout I came to so after that I adjusted my route to work slightly to try to avoid junctions with inclined approaches. I arrived at work with smug mode fully engaged. The tyres are a full set of cheap Sumitomo WT200. They're the only winter tyres I've ever had so can't compare them with any others but after today I'm definitely a convert. In dry conditions the steering feels a bit more vague than with the previous summer tyres but you get used you it and when accelerating I noticed a slight SSHHHHH sound that wasn't there before. I imagine this is something to do with the sipes in the tread.
  12. I lost the non-remote key for my 2012 Aygo a couple of years ago and the cost for a replacement was £27.05 for the key itself and £45 for the coding.
  13. Hi all, Recently an occasional tapping noise has started coming from somewhere around the back of the interior of my 2012 3 door Aygo. It seems to coincide more with changes of direction rather than general vibrations. I've ruled out anything that was in the boot or around the spare wheel or the parcel shelf. It sounds like it coming from higher up than that. Based on the sound, my best guess would be a wire flapping about behind the interior trim. Any suggestions of other easy things to check before I start taking things apart? Does anyone know which route the wires for the rear lights take? It's had a rattle from the internal trim in cold conditions for years which I've put up with because it goes away as the car warms up. I think it's coming from the area around the passenger side back window as the plastics are a bit loose on that side but this sounds like something else and since it's not going away, I'd like to hunt it down! Thanks
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