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  1. Thanks for the reply ,I assume it's ok to use a portable jump starter on a hybrid .
  2. Hi all ,not a rav 4 owner yet but looking like next car when lease expires, ive just had to put our current car on trickle charge so was wondering how the 2019/20 hybrids do when stood without use.we 're unlikely to experience a lockdown like this again but how do they do when stood at airport parking for 2 wks for example ?cheers.
  3. I know not many full Evs have the space but they pay 0%BIK from April, if ultimate range is not an issue, plug in hybrids offer low BIK as well skoda superb plug in only 32g/km
  4. I saw the WLTP figure of 131 g/km quoted in this week's auto car test .
  5. As duncerdunc says above ,one online review by a US car mag mentioned a design issue with the filler neck to the tank which triggers the pump nozzle to keep cutting out prematurely so tanks not actually full .
  6. Thanks Tabby Boy,sounds like you got a duff superb ! 26k miles in and no issues ,.0.5 L oil occasionally, to be fair skoda quality has moved on a lot in recent yrs ,ours will be hard to beat but RAV4 looks a good contender .Mrs says nxt car must have ACC and dsg or similar which she loves in traffic, then heated leather seats and android auto as she uses waze even though superb has a decent 9.2"info system and nav. Ive looked at tarraco as a poss as very good lease prices ,better than kodiaq,but seems you need top spec to get heated leather and dsg means the 4 drive which really brings mpg down to 30 if you're lucky .All the road tests slate the Toyota info system ,is it that bad ?.oh and our dog stands 29 " at shoulder so rav square boot shape should mean he can sit up 🙂
  7. Great thanks ,gotta get Mrs a test drive later in the year 😁
  8. Congrats on the new car ! We may be looking at a rav 4 hybrid excel next year when our current lease is up ,how do you find wind ,road noise at motorway speeds? Currently have a 2018 superb estate sel exec,2.0tdi 150bhp, long term mpg around 48 on Mrs mixed B road milton Keynes commute, got 57mpg loaded to the roof on a Cornish camping hol last year .we will lose some boot space 660l v 580 and maybe some motorway mpg but Mrs really likes the rav 4 .regards ,Ian