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  1. I know its pain with mud etc deposits but when i first picked up the Corolla i had no mudflaps and i had to give the door a good scrub to get rid of the dirt and mud eventually giving up and taking it through a car wash. This time a quick wipe with wet sponge and soapy bucket of water did the trick and there definitely is less muck towards the rear of the car. . However you cant open that hatchback door without getting filth over your hand. The handle and camera are in the wrong place.
  2. If you are having to frequently wash the rear of your vehicle after a journey on wet muddy roads then i do recommend something that actually works i.e. mudflaps fitted front and rear. I have seen far less muck splatter on the rear hatchback door and rear end of the vehicle after they were fitted by the dealer.
  3. Hmm yes the more rough the road the angrier the bumble bee gets and Nikolay its exactly where the HUD is strange. Also i would not attribute this to lose cabling. I would say it sounds like a loose meta/hard plastic part of some kind. In my Golf GTD it was lose speaker mountings in the A pillar (windscreen to dash) the noise was virtually identical.
  4. My new Corolla Hybrid GR Sport 2l has acquired a loud buzzing noise ( audio being turned off) from the right hand dash. This noise can best be described as a trapped angry bumble bee. It can only be heard at slow speeds up to 40mph. I previously had a Golf GTD which had a similar problem and this was traced to speaker mountings in the window pillars. I have no idea if there are speaker mountings in the Corolla dash. I am hoping this might go away as the car becomes more bedded in but the noise is becoming more evident with time.
  5. All i can say here on the various comments re location of cruise control on the latest Toyota Corolla Hybrid GR Sport is you have to have peculiar hands to operate the cruise controls safely but then one man's meat is another man's poison and its a case of personal choice.
  6. Hi George The Corolla instrument cluster is wild to put it mildly. However to answer your comment you don't have to generally move you hands away from the steering wheel when its on a stalk, you can usually move the lower part of your hand to operate to simply push etc on the stalk. If my thumb was 6 inches long i might be able to operate the cruise controls on the steering whee in my current Corolla hybrid.. I generally have to let go of the steering wheel to operate these controls and i really for a fraction of a second have to look at what i am pressing thus for that very short period of time i am not concentrating on the road. In my opinion a weak design point. Another whinge is storage space which is poor. There is no handy storage for the simple things like coins,sunglasses and small documentation such as security passes. The side door grab handles obscure the door pockets as i am constantly wrestling with whatever i have stuffed in a hurry while driving. I have had to purchase third party addons to make room for all the rubbish most people accumulate. You can purchase a handy sun visor pouch for all ones bits and bobs on Amazon made by of all people Dunlop for around £10 a a bargain in my opinion. That aside the Corolla Hybrid 2 L is a nice drive and the ride especially comfortable on long journeys thanks to the comfy seats. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid GR Sports 2l is a refreshing change from my years being stuck in a Golf.
  7. HI Folks Now that i have had the opportunity to drive my Toyota at night i would like a quiet word in an empty car park with the clown who designed the steering wheel controls. Why oh why has Toyota decided to move the cruise control settings to the steering wheel ? do they not realise how fiddly it is especially when driving at night. Why not fit it on the stalk as it is so much safer and easier to use. That round button control with x 5 selections for cruise control drives me insane, its completely in the wrong place. I have have driven a number of vehicles in the past which were fitted with cruise controls on the left hand stalk which were never a problem.
  8. Tony many thanks for your comments. I am approaching 72 in March so don't do boy racing. The only time i am heavy footed is when overtaking but with 3 points on my licence garnered in an average speed camera zone by a 5 mph i attempt to avoid flagrant violations. I am an ex biker so speed is in my blood but my years act as a retardant. I do quite a lot of pulse and glide round my local town albeit rather badly at present but dual carriages are my weakness however i avoid speeding for obvious reasons. My GR Sports reminds me slightly of my Honda CB750 bike namely power and noise delivery but then i have to snap out of it and remind myself its a 4 wheel vehicle i am in control of. One thing that impresses me is the Corolla's cornering ability which to my surprise is superior to the Golf GTD MK7 i used to own which had a tendency to pitch and roll round corners weird or what. I am finding that using the brakes on my Corolla is something that takes some getting used too to put it mildly.
  9. My Corolla GR Sports 2L showed just under 190 miles used on half a tank. A bit measly but being a new car i understand it has to loosen up and I have to remember that winding the temp to 22c is not a good idea. I also have to get away from the mentality of driving my old Golf GTD which delivered its power in an entirely different "Germanic way". The Corolla is much smoother in many ways but delivers the "calhones" when required. My biggest problem is that having driven fairly nippy diesels for years and coming back to the petrol engine is a bit of a culture shock. If any one has any further hints or tips on getting the most economy out of a Corolla hybrid that would be very much appreciated.
  10. I am seriously thinking about an alarm which senses the car being tipped for our enterprising car thieves who steal your catalytic converter. However what happens when you park your vehicle on a steep gradient or on one side on a pavement and leave your alarm activated ?
  11. The latest model Corolla's have had the position of the catalytic converter changed by locating it in the engine bay and as stated by a service dept manager in a Toyota dealership this would make theft very difficult. The model he was referring to is the latest GR sports 2 litre. I would assume this would apply to other Corollas such as the Exel or Touring but this needs to be verified by Toyota.
  12. I think to say its not Toyota's fault and mentioning our failing infrastructure is an argument that is slightly flawed. So if its not Toyota's or other car manufacturers responsibility then why do they fit car alarms and immobilisers ? The manufacturer's should extend that responsibility to parts that are easily stolen , expensive and time consuming to replace. Other manufacturers have done so why can't Toyota the biggest car producer in the world fix it just poor customer support.
  13. Probably not being fitted as standard because Toyota want you to spend £250 on their own Catloc device utterly taking the p---. A car costing nearly £30k with that vulnerability should not be on sale until Toyota have sorted it (Honda managed it). Catloc or no Catloc a determined thief with a heavy duty grinder will have it off in a jiffy. Apart from the usual advice i am looking at an alarm with a tilt mechanism which Toyota should have made standard on the latest Hybrid Corolla. People will say well you are insured but its the total inconvenience of waiting to have you car fixed and on top of that if you drive your car to the garage with a missing cat you will get nicked by the local fuzz wonderful ! Catalytic converter theft has risen tenfold since early 2019 so its not a brand new phenomenon. Toyota being the biggest car manufacturer should not be charging customers for their mistakes.
  14. HI ALL After some experimenting with the appalling display on the satnav screen I have discovered that if you use the WAYZ app which is free from the apple shop you can use your iphone to apply you journey setting etc. The screen display is a huge improvement on the Toyota software with the added bonus of showing you speed camera locations, fuel stations etc. The speed camera location are accurate to a couple of hundred yards and you get a very reasonable warning before your approach. If i could i would rip that display screen and bin but its better than a hole in your dash. I am currently experimenting with a cheap gadget that will automatically wash the gunge from the back of the vehicle as mudguards make some difference but not a lot. So far i have only managed to come up with a mop and a bucket of soapy water as a cordless jet wash is a tad expensive unless Lidl come up with one.
  15. Has any one tried mirror casting from an iphone using apps such as Google maps or Waze on to the Corolla GR Sports Hybrid 2L media screen. Any comments would be much appreciated.