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  1. Hi Guys I have just moved over from an iPhone to an Android 12 phone and need to reset my Toyota multimedia display etc from Apple IOS to be able accept talking to a Samsung Mobile which uses Android OS.
  2. Hi For the battery in the boot do i disconnect the battery leads first as obviously they will be live ? then switch on the charger having connected up the leads, sorry for the dumb question. As for the fuse arrangement connection for under the bonnet i remember the RAC man using the red connector for the fuse box but not sure about the black lead which seemed to be a random connection on anything metallic.
  3. Hi Guys Now having been caught out twice with a flat battery i have invested in a smart battery charger (see pic). This charger boasts overheat,short circuit,low voltage,reverse connection protection. It is suitable for lead acid and lithium batteries and can trickle charge. Now i need some advice on which battery and the terminals i use to make the charger leads. Do i use the battery in the boot or the under the bonnet connections. The RAC rescue guy plugged the leads to the red connector in the fuse box and the black to what looked like any piece of metal under the bonnet.
  4. HI Guys Since the RAC man fitted a new battery into the boot of my Corolla and performed a reset as the self park mode failed a lot has changed. 1. Its a smoother ride in that the CVT box does appear to have stopped randomly "hunting". 2. The response to go faster pedal is is instant whereas before there seemed to be lag. 3. Acceleration is noticeably improved . 4. Around town the car stays more or less all the time in electric mode whereas before the petrol engine used to chime in a lot. 5. A different performance display has appeared on my speedo which is better than the old one. 6. Headlights seem brighter in fact all round lighting has improved. It will be interesting to see if my MPG improves currently its about 44-47 mpg . I think the battery in the boot has been wonky for a while and might explain strange electronic behaviour with the car systems. e.g. erratic locking door problems , ACC misbehaving during operation i.e not sensing car in front then slowing and not accelerating to set speed when traffic in front clears, strange media system behaviour, lighting dimming for no reason. So if your hybrid starts to mysteriously misbehave the culprit could be a failing battery. Let me know what you think guys. Happy Motoring Louie
  5. HI Guys Battery was dead so had it replaced for free. My car is on a three year contract hire so everything is covered under that including RAC call out. Battery probably covered under Toyota warranty i should think. He showed me the battery check meter and it showed it to be faulty I think he tried to charge it initially but that failed. He initially connected an emergency battery to the whole circuit to get the car fully unlocked then carried on with the the tests on the possible dud which ran for about 15-20 mins. I did not read the relevant email re pics of the RAC man's modus operandi until after he had gone sorry guys.
  6. HI Guys The verdict is in and its a faulty battery the one located in the boot. Basically its a few cells gone. So have had battery replaced. RAC man stated this is very common call out on hybrid vehicles and he spends a lot of time doing replacements. The faulty battery is not manufactured by Toyota but he reckons its a fairly reliable make.
  7. HI Guys The verdict is in and its a faulty battery the one located in the boot. Basically its a few cells gone. So have had battery replaced. RAC man stated this is very common call out on hybrid vehicles and he spends a lot of time doing replacements. The faulty battery is not manufactured by Toyota but he reckons its a fairly reliable make.
  8. HI Guys I fell under the Toyota booby trap last time and in this particular instance I followed all the guidelines to the letter so as not to run my battery down. Last time i screwed up badly because i sat in the car with the radio on for about 30 mins so i deserved everything i got. I have had a variety of car makes in the past 40-50 years and have never ever broken down ever anywhere apart from a blown valve in a Saab Turbo and a broken gearbox in a Renault 25. I have always looked after my vehicles with great care. This is not my first Toyota and the last one ran without missing a beat. This vehicle is considerably more complicated and has two batteries and two engines hence more things to go wrong. I do remember in my previous vehicles there was always some fairly obvious warning that told your battery is on very low charge. In this particular instance it did not happen also its not mid winter and i generally dont drive around at night so for the battery to give up the ghost without warning is just not on. I shall wait and see what the verdict is when the RAC turn up in about an hour.
  9. HI Guys Still waiting for RAC to turn up but discovered two worrying non events. The key will only lock the drivers side door tried a variety of methods to lock other doors but thats out of the window. Cannot open the hatchback door as there is no keyhole so how ill the RAC man get in to charge the battery crawl through the passenger rear seat opening? This is probably another tow away again and Toyota will not not be on my contract renewal list for next year very ****** off.
  10. HI Folks Grrrrrrrrr Today i got home and immediately started having problems locking the vehicle with the car emitting one long beeping sound followed by an intermittent continuous beep. I then managed to lock the vehicle and everything seemed OK. Later on i wanted to store something in the boot and thats when things started going south rapidly. Car refused to respond to the remote so remained locked i had to use the key to enter the vehicle and discovered that the car was as dead as a DODO. I cannot figure out what has gone wrong as the car is used daily on short and long runs and yesterday we went out on at least a 30-45 min journey. Today i took the car just up the road to the car wash which is a 10 minute event. I do remember that yesterday the ACC going haywire briefly something quite odd and scary but it righted itself. The RAC are coming out shortly so we will see whats going on and this is the second time this has happened since i acquired the vehicle in 2020. There does not appear to be any kind of obvious warning that tells you your battery requires charging or is "kaput". Lets see what RAC come up with. I hope they don't have to tow it away like last time when the recovery boys could not find the battery and i kid you not.
  11. Hi Guys My gaffer tape residue problem on rear hatchback door fixed. I managed to get “her indoors” to remove the blemish by just spraying it the Simoniz (see pics) gunge on and leaving it on for one minute and wiping the residue off gently. Thanks for all the input. Enjoy your spring/summer.
  12. Guys if you need a laugh in these sad times read on. A while ago I posted an issue I had trying to stick magnetic L plates on my Corolla bonnet and boot lid. So having nothing to hand apart from a gobby daughter I used gaffer tape to fix the problem. I then set off a new chapter in my life in trying to remove the residue without damaging the bodywork constructed from unknown composite. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.🤔🙄 See enclosed pics. Louie
  13. Hi Folks Today i became a clown why ? my daughter who has a provisional licence wanted a test drive in my Corolla Hybrid GR 2l so off she toddled to Halfords for some plates. We then drove to a quiet fairly traffic free location for her to try the car out. The fun began when we tried to attach the plates to the car, the front was ok but the plates just fell off the rear boot door. Eventually we slid them temporarily under the rear wiper. I was not aware having had the car for nearly two years that the rear door is plastic of some kind. Some one tell me i am wrong.
  14. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all Now there are a few minor things that irritate me with my GR Sports Corolla Hybrid 2L but nothing like the annoying adaptive cruise control buttons. Am i missing something but why do i have to press two buttons to activate the ACC. On all cars I have driven its always one button. Now the ACC operation is actually superb and superior to my old Golf GTD. I am a little bit at sea on my next Toyota when my 3 year lease expires next year. I was aiming for a plug in hybrid but they are much more expensive than standard hybrids however I am hoping Toyota will pull something out of the bag. I do not want to commit to getting an EV because the charging station infrastructure in the UK is badly flawed e.g. stations are full and some points of charge are defective and there is still not enough of them also I dont really want to be calculating if i have enough juice to get to my destination. I know that Toyota have something up their sleeves with new 2022 models but they are being quiet about it.
  15. My Toyota Hybrid GR sports 2l alarm went off tonight for no reason. This is the second time this has happened and strangely it was roughly about the same time last year about 10 pm on a summer’s night. Could it be insect activity as we currently have a spider invasion and they love spinning webs on the front grill, wing mirrors and the rear of the car which keeps being covered in intricate web patterns. I had the hatch door open today and perhaps these web spinners may have dropped into the vehicle on a new mission. Is the Toyota sensor that delicate? Any thoughts guys ? they have gained entry into the vehicle.
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