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  1. Hi Guys I am having some trouble trying to obtain the full specs on this model. I am trying to establish if there is a sensor on the door handle to enable entry to the vehicle without pressing the key fob button. It is something i have not really thought about as the dealer never pointed it out when i picked up my vehicle so i assumed you have to use your key fob to gain entry. On a few occasions the vehicle has thrown up a warning saying fob not present in car also my Carista app talks about enabling distances for fob recognition and unlocking door by touching sensor on door handle. Any ideas guys ? Thanks Louie
  2. Hi Guys Definitely not going dealer route. I have ordered the Carista dongle from Amazon at about £25 plus membership fee which is about £13 for a month or £33 for a year. This should enable you to carry out all the custom mods on your vehicle. I am not 100% sure on membership fees as they vary enormously from country to country so will confirm. I have downloaded the Carista App from the Apple store on to my Iphone and will commence fiddling tomorrow when my dongle arrives. Many thanks to all for your contribution I am blown away by response and will keep you guys posted on how i get on as it if it all comes together it should save you guys a lot of inconvenience. ( I hate sitting around in dealers showrooms for whatever reason)
  3. Yup worth a try its really annoying that i have to refer to a dealer for every slight mod did not have to do any of this crap with my golf but so far pleased with the car so will persevere. I will give my dealer a call tomorrow for suggestions but its a real pain getting through to the workshop have better luck getting through to the Pope.I will keep you guys posted if there is any trick software available.
  4. hi king crimson i had this sick feeling in my gut that someone might say that after i read the fine print in the owners manual. However in todays times visiting the dealer is not an option for me at present. Afterall all the dealer is going to do is fiddle with some software the trick is finding it. I am still looking at the moment its only available in the States as an Iphone app.☹️ Thanks anyway Louie
  5. Hi Guys Hope you have no been driven crazy by social distancing etc. Does anyone how to enable remote operation of front and rear windows using the key fob on this model It is suppose to work after a second long press having used the remote unlocking. Mine just makes a lot of clunking noises on the second press. Thanks Louie
  6. Hi Andrue After repeated attempts i have finally managed to download an image of front door sill.
  7. Hi Andrue For some odd reason my door sill images failed to upload giving a weird -200 error I wonder if anyone else is having this trouble.
  8. Ian Dont forget to have the wheels balanced after fitting this should be part of the package,
  9. Yes they look the business nice !
  10. Hi Andrue I went for the rear and front door sills in polished chrome I think ?
  11. Hi Ian You should be paying just under £100 or thereabouts including fitting/balancing for these. Does Costco price include fitting/balancing if so its very cheap must be a catch somewhere. The Pilots are a huge improvement over the Falkens worth every penny.
  12. My experience of Black Circles was a bad on few occasions. OK so you chose your tyre fitter from the list BC supply you with but i failed to do my homework and had tyres fitted by cowboys. First time one the wheels became loose second time the tyre pressures were dangerously out of wack. The moral here is no matter what famous name you have on the garage door you have no idea who they are employing which in some cases can be dangerous. Nowadays i do a bit of research and rely personal recommendation which does not go amiss.
  13. Hi Ian and Andrue Yes it is scarlet flare and did not fancy the black roof combo. The tyres are 18" 225 x 40 WR Michelin Pilot Sport 4's see pics. The Falken tyres have poor stopping distance in the wet and they are very noisy on any surface also handling is odd( my opinion). I am a big Michelin fan and have had the Pilot 4's on my past Golf GTD's which came with crappy Bridgestone tyres with appalling wet handling. The Michelins have quite a soft compound so clinging to the road is excellent. If you shop around you can get a good deal. I saved around £200 (by flogging my nearly new Falkens to an Ebay punter. Price of set of four Michelins about £45. Mine came from ATS which had a deal going at the time. Avoid Black Circles which have keen prices but you have no idea who is fitting you tyres a really bad idea. The Black Circle tyres are delivered to the fitters doooooh sorry i meant cowboys.
  14. I even enjoy giving it a shampoo and set.
  15. Anyone thinking of acquiring one of these babies do not hesitate. Mine has now freed itself up and is smoooooth and fast. I made the painful transition of migrating from a Golf GTD and although it was initially painful i am getting used to the little foibles and love the car. I have even had admiring glances from total strangers which is a bit weird. So go for it you will not be disappointed.