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  1. Hi Guys Yes i agree with all your comments. The brilliant thing about the CVT box is the seamless smooth acceleration without the clunk or slight change in motion as the car accelerates which you get in standard gearboxes. This is something i like enormously and am still getting used to. My old DSG boxed Golf 7.5 GTD had a smooth gear change when on full auto but you could still feel and hear the changes and it would occasionally get confused when driving at low speed when you demanded a sudden quick move on which was characterised by a pregnant pause a clunking noise and jerking motion shortly before the acceleration. My older MK7 did exactly the same thing. The DSG box which i have lived with for years was never perfect and had strange flaws but the Corolla CVT box is pretty flawless and accepts my demands without a whimper. I am now getting used to the process of accelerate and cruise without any hassles now that the engine has freed up a bit though its still on about 1800 miles only. The 0-60 times are looking good with pretty quiet no fuss acceleration. I have now become a bit snobby and frown at noisy accelerating cars or any noisy vehicles for that matter.
  2. Can some one explain to me the logic of paddle gear changes in a Corolla Hybrid GR sports which has a CVT box or any car for that matter with such a configuration . Surely a human action is inferior to that of machine logic ? or am i missing something. The idea here is that i can stop staring like a demented fool at those ear flaps situated behind the steering wheel. Now my previous car a Golf GTD Mark7.5 had a real gearbox (DSG) so paddles made some sense.
  3. I hate long badly written obtuse over complicated manuals where the index makes no sens, so generally i ignore them unless i get desperate then i talk to mr google having used a garbage filter in the first place. Its interesting than when you come across a problem the buzz word has vanished from the index.Its a pity that quick condensed instructions have simply vanished. I think its all to do with call the dealer so that you can visit him and he will drain some folding stuff from your wallet to make you feel better.
  4. Hi Guys Today i found the first interesting full road test of a 2l Corolla Hybrid GR2 Sport on an Irish Youtube channel. The curious thing is the tester stated that there was a slot for a key on the left hand side of the cover(see pic) for the gear change stick. The tester stated this key is for the release the transmission if you have to ever push the vehicle. What is he talking about ??😯
  5. Louie

    Car washes

    I only use a fine microfibre cloth to polish windows when using Rain X for everything else i use 2 giant sponges one for removing stubborn stains and the other for applying the car wash. I am not taking the car to a rally or competition so as long as its shiny and looks as if its just coming out of the showroom i am happy chappie. There was a time when i used to buy all the expensive car cleaning products you can think of but now i dont want to spend all day buffing my motor as i have better things to do. My only concern which i am manic about is bird !Removed! and where i live we have to contend with a lot of it being deposited regularly by seagulls/pigeons who are the worst offenders(no i dont live on the coast but near the Wash) Bird !Removed! left unattended will corrode the paintwork.In order to help me with my bird stain problem I purchased on Amazon an amazing bird !Removed! remover designed for parrot cages and it is non corrosive or harmful but it removes large stubborn messy stains not matter what surface with ease. I used to use an Autoglym product but it was hard work to get rid of the baked on stains where the car had been left in the sun. I am convinced that birds use a certain colour of your vehicle as target practice my previous car was bluish/grey and bird hits were infrequent but dark red which is now my hybrid Corolla colour is now a bulls eye for the local bird population. Guys all the previous text sound banal but there is nothing worse than stepping out of your house having meticulously washed your precious toy it to find a giant pigeon !Removed! splattered all over your shiny bonnet.
  6. Louie

    Car washes

    Hi Guys I remember when after a service your car came back from the dealer all shiny and clean having had a wash and an internal tidy up. Those days are long gone as mine came back with a fresh coating of pigeon poo and probably a Covid19 coated free plastic seat cover. Any way the point of this thread is to describe my attitude to car washes in that i now avoid them like the plague in fact any sort of car wash. Why because you usually end up with scratched bodywork even if you use a hand wash which can be a nightmare. When i acquired a Golf GTD mk7.5 two years ago i went to a reputable hand wash and the car came out with scratches more or less all over the paint work. I can only assume that the filthy cloth they use for the wash had abrasive dirt on it etc. I now use a Karcher jet wash with the Karcher Car shampoo and the Turtle Wax Redline for the wheels and the results are amazing with lasting shine. First i use a Karcher pressure spray for a basic clean to remove any dirt mud etc . I then empty a small amount of Karcher Car shampoo mixed with a bucket of water and apply liberally over the the bodywork leave on for 5 mins and jetwash off gently so as to speak and leave to dry. I have found it unnecessary to polish with a soft cloth etc as once the car has dried it leaves a shine on the bodywork without water stains etc which lasts for weeks. The wheel cleaner is brilliant, its a spray on job wait and wash off. You can use a brush to remove stubborn stains or marks but i have found the Redline does the job without using anything else. Oh i forgot to mention that auto washes guarantee swirly scuff marks in your precious paintwork and the owners view it as a free extra but then you guys probably know all this. PS I have no personal investment in Karcher or Turtle Wax
  7. I am now beginning to feel now like a classroom dunce ☹️so i shall now put on a pointed hat and stand in the corner of my garage for a while so that i can take in all the stupid things i have done so far. This means i could be in that corner for a while but i do have a handy crate of lager stashed in their somewhere (Covid stock) to drink my troubles away. Oh and just before a fade away into obscurity has anyone used Rain-X on their windscreen and also on your house windows brilliant product.
  8. Hi Guys Many thanks for your comments and suggestions much appreciated i wish i could buy you all a round of beers. I have posted an image that has mysteriously appeared on the speedo in the centre that was not there before the break down service has anyone any ideas ? Its basically a battery and an engine image showing when its being charged the purpose being ?? perhaps a warning to show your battery is getting low ? The first RAC guy could not do anything with the front battery and i sat there while he tried and the main dealer has subsequently stated it has to be carried out using the battery located in the boot hence my silly comments about crawling about in the boot space 🤣 I previously had to abandon the vehicle and the second RAC guy was able to start the car and tow it home and i have no idea how he was able to do that as i was sitting at home awaiting the outcome. So now has Toyota changed something in the GR Sports Corolla 2l e.g. the battery locations? or is someone having a laugh ? or is the dealer just clueless i think its now the latter judging from all the all your comments evidenced by the the fact that the dealer got the spec of the car wrong when i first purchased it. Anyway thank you guys for your input i feel a bit more confident in driving this vehicle now perhaps it was much ado about nothing 😂
  9. Hi Guys Many thanks for all your comments. I have the car back and notice there is a new graphics on my speedo display which shows the battery being charged by the engine.?? So that i can get myself out of a hole if i break down again i am looking around for an instant charger but there is a silly problem here. The battery is in the boot and the hatch back door cannot be unlocked manually unless you crawl into the boot space having dropped the rear seats and releasing the catch something i dont intend to do. Dont forget with a dead battery you have to manually unlock the driver side door and manually release the locks on all the other doors. When i acquired the vehicle from my dealer as to my driving habits and i stated that i do less than 10k a year so at no time was i told this model is unsuitable for short journeys. The strange thing here is that i have the car for nearly 7 months and it was totally reliable and even during the plague i would just drive the car out of sheer boredom to get essential food and medication rather than have it delivered so you cant blame Covid19 on all this. According to the main dealer you cannot use the OBD for trickle charging in this model. I was not able to speak to the main dealer techies today regarding any firmware upgrades that have been made so guess its a Monday phone call. Magic Boy all the information i have had is not from me but from a registered Toyota main dealer e.g. small capacity 12v battery and this car being unsuitable for regular short journeys and does not the dealer speak on behalf of Toyota or have i got that wrong. Also i dont sit in any vehicle with the AC on as i am aware of the power drain this causes. I have driven a mix of motorbikes and cars for the last 60 years so have some mechanical knowledge of how things work except for Hybrids but i am slowly getting there so i do appreciate any helpful remarks.
  10. My car is now ready to be picked up and here is what the dealer has told me. 1. The reason the car died is because there was not enough juice in the small 12v battery and i flogged it to death using my iphone while parked up with engine turned off ridiculous ! 2. The 12v battery is very small in capacity and this operates the starting motor etc. so has to be in tip top condition all the time for your Hybrid to be reliable. 3. The solar trickle charger i purchased recommended by the AA cannot be used with the on board diagnostics in this model so you have to pop the bonnet etc ridiculous ! 5. In order to keep this car running without any problems is to drive it or run the engine for at least an hour once a week ?? 6. if you are sitting in your car waiting for someone its a bad idea to be using the multimedia system without the engine running as it kills your tiny 12v battery. 7. Last but not least if you breakdown and you need a tow the car must be loaded on to a low loader why ? if the car is pulled with the front wheels of the ground this confuses the Toyota Hybrid system and you end up with xmas tree display with a multitude of warnings when you attempt to start and drive the car when its deposited on the ground. 8. I have in writing from Toyota UK that this car is totally unsuitable for short distance journeys because the capacity of the 12v battery is inadequate for anything else but longish journeys on a regular basis.
  11. Hi Guys The RAC guy has delivered the car back home but the dash is lit up like a an Xmas tree with warning signs and the car starts but its not driveable so its going to the dealer tomorrow. We shall see then what exactly is going on.
  12. HI Guys I drive my hybrid at least two or three times week and not just into the local town. At the moment the breakdown guys are going to do a lift on to a flatbed as the car's gears are locked due to no power so you cant just drag or push the car. It will be interesting what my dealer has to say when the car is delivered tomorrow for him to have a look at it. I will keep you posted on the car's progress.
  13. Hi Guys My vehicle expired in a Sainsburys car park today. Basically i think its a flat battery as i cannot lock it using the fob and pressing the power button achieves nothing. Alarmingly i can only lock the driver side door and the rear passengers but not the front passenger door using the supplied key. I am currently waiting for the RAC man who might be able to give me more of a clue. Prior to the car breaking down i received a host of confusing messages on the dash stating this and that was not working. I took the opportunity to speak to my dealer about this unfortunate incident and he stated that they have been inundated with this problem in the last month or so. He stated that a Toyota Hybrid should be driven for at least a week or you may get problems. So if you store your car for more than a week you may have to call a breakdown man. More to follow.
  14. Hi Guys Now i though for a while i was going mad but the locking process for my vehicle has just thrown me another curve ball. I was convinced that if i forget to lock my vehicle after leaving it parked it will self lock . Now this does not happen unless i use the fob. WRONG if i leave all the windows open the car will central lock and engage mirrors into parking mode after 30 secs or so. However the windows remain open unless i operate the lock mode using the fob. I am puzzled as to why you should automatically lock the car but leave the windows open, I would be delighted to hear from any interested parties before i get sectioned ☹️
  15. Due to complexity of my Corolla GR Sports 2L Hybrid and so i dont forget my face mask while doing my weekly shop etc i have plonked a couple of labels on the front dash. The labels are not pretty or stylish but they are the peel off easily variety and wont ruin the dash. I have also stuck tiny holographic labels on the array of front/rear door switches and the petrol tank cap release located on the floor etc as it was turning out to be a feelorama expedition during each outing. Also the switches were an exercise in camouflage e.g. black against black is not a good combo.