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  1. I tried to ring the dealer on this problem today but was put on the death hold ☠️. Anyway thanks to Geoff i am a bit wiser now.
  2. Hi all thanks for the responses. Its a bit of a mystery but Tony mentions this strange Off button located on the roof of which there is no mention of in the manual but throws some light on its possible use. The puzzle here is how do you operate it ? and when do you know its on or off ? is a question i see from other members contributing to this forum are having considerable trouble getting answers to. Now some suggest lock the car but leave the drivers side window open and stick your hand inside and wave it about. Now this is a technique i do not favour as i want to stay on good term
  3. I have managed to ascertain the source of one series of two beeps in quick succession. The trigger is speed cameras being approached from the rear not from the front which is very weird. I have tested this time and time again and fixed speed cameras approached from the rear some distance away trigger the warning. On a return journey approaching the camera from the front does not trigger any response weird or what.
  4. HI All My Corolla Hybrid 2l sport today started sounding the alarm while standing on my drive. I managed to get to the car pretty quick but could not see any attempts at theft or cat disconnection. Now i know that this car has no tilt sensor etc so i am puzzled why the alarm went off. I addition there were no signs of forced entry through the doors and all windows were intact. I was wondering what physical action would trigger the alarm.
  5. Hope all you guys have so far survived the pestilence, locust swarms and death of the first born. Now my current issue is trying to locate 6 digit version code of Corolla as being on a 3 year contract hire i dont have the V5 document. I have looked in the engine bay the side doors etc and its no there. I am simply trying to verify the recent service history etc. You would think its a simple task but there you go.
  6. Clunking now gone as weather has got slightly warmer with no intervention from me.
  7. Iphone 8 plus works brilliantly with most apps particularly WAZE satnav which is free and a huge improvement over the Toyota offering.
  8. Hi Folks Now in my last thread I wrongly assumed that i had established that it was my dashcam that was making spurious beeping noises. NO ITS NOT ! Unfortunately its my Corolla and I still have no idea why ??? today it beeped twice while approaching a roundabout on the A17 and again about 30 minutes later when executing a similar manoeuvre. On both occasions I was in the correct lane so no lining up required. It appears my approach to roundabouts is subject to criticism by Toyota. I use WAZE as my satnav and its brilliant with voice commands and visual and verbal warnings but its n
  9. Hi Guys Having read through a more comprehensive set of specs for my vehicle (Corolla Hybrid 2l GR Sport) i cannot see a way to activate the automatically dipping high beam etc. The rear view mirror is supposed to dip aswell i think but thats not working either. Perhaps it is only available on the EXEL model who knows.
  10. Hi Guys I have identified one of the beepings sounds( two short beeps) as my dashcam but sound alerts are turned off so that's a mystery to be solved. The short single beep I think is related to lane changing i think as it only happens over 30 mph and seems to occur invariably when lining up for entry into a roundabouts and shortly after exit or when i am changing lanes on an approach to traffic lights. This is when using the A16 which is a long straight 18 mile 60 mph max route terminating outside Peterborough. According to the the car specs the short beep should give you visual
  11. Greetings from "sunny Lincolnshire" i hope you are not snowed in. My Corolla has been making intermittent beeping noises well after i have set off on a journey. The noise is either one or two short beeps and its totally random. Its not my Backvue dashcam or Wase and i cannot tie it to lane change although it does tend to happen on long straight roads with just minor movement of the steering wheel (not dual carriageway). I have had the vehicle since January last year and nothing has changed. I have ignored it until now but i am getting tired with constantly saying to "her indoors" "why t
  12. Hi Guys Sadly i am having to raise the issue of cat thefts again. A couple of weeks ago we saw locally Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge (South Holland Lincs)a spate of cat thefts targeting here is the text " A Sutton resident has warned all car owners of a thieves wearing hi viz jackets that are operating in the borough stealing catalytic converters. “I had my catalytic converter stolen off my car a couple of days ago while it was parked outside my house,” said the resident. “They jacked up the car, crawled underneath, cut it off the exhaust system and were gone in minutes! I didn’
  13. Hi Guys Thank you for your comments. The purpose of my journey was to charge the car battery as it had been left standing for over a week. Unfortunately the A16 is a very long straight boring single carriageway and is the only main connecting route between Spalding and Peterborough which involves a 25 minute journey. It has a 60mph speed limit and is festooned with ASC's so on the day in question road conditions were good with no traffic and the snow suddenly descended thick and fast so i turned down my ACC to 40 mph and that was when it cut out so i never got a chance to drive "withou
  14. Hi Guys Extra loud clunking noise from underneath front of vehicle when reversing from drive prior to moving off first thing in the morning after an overnight stand. . It sounds like brake calipers (guessing here) also i cannot replicate this after i have driven off. I am certain this is not suspension as car rides smoothly over unavoidable potholes and road imperfections etc.
  15. Hi Guys I have driven ACC vehicles for a while now in all manner of weathers and never encountered a situation where a vehicle cruising steadily at 45 ish in snowy ice covered road conditions suddenly lurches noticeably as if someone has applied the brakes followed by a silly message. It might as well have said "sorry I am about to kill your ACC and you might loose control of your vehicle in current icy road conditions do you want me to call emergency services". Sorry Toyota you could have done better and you should stay behind class in detention and write out one hundred times on a
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