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  1. Hi Guys Today my AA solar charger arrived and its quite a chunky piece of kit. The big question is will the method of charging by plugging it into the OBD port work ? The instructions appear to confirm that it will. I remember i had to turn the ignition on to configure the car settings with the Carista scanner.so i remain sceptical at present.
  2. I did not realise this was a forum for political discussion however what i said about WAZE was meant to be said in jest . I am come from an IT programming background Cobol C++ Fortran etc and currently Python so i know how this stuff works. What makes me a bit angry is people in power who cant get their act together in time the end result being a huge catastrophe for me, you and the public at a large. This is a very emotive subject for me (having been a Covid 19 casualty and i was one of the lucky ones)so this is something i will no longer comment on. >
  3. Hi Bobby I forgot to mention the WAZE app is completely free and it makes our government look completely stupid with their constant promises of a track and trace system for the current Covid19 virus epidemic. You may well ask how ? well believe it or not WAZE can actually track and trace potholes in the road never mind speed cameras such average speed etc. which it warns you well in advance before you pass them not that i am advocating that you brake the speed limits.😉 Not sure about speed vans though as normally the sudden slow down of local traffic gives you a hint of an alien in the vicinity.
  4. HI Guys I sold my Falkens on Ebay for around £200 with a few hundred miles on them to offset the cost of the PS4's . I am not sure if changing from 17" to 18" rims is money well spent however if it was 16" you are stepping from to 18" then its a different matter altogether. Do not expect whisper quiet on any 18" rim no matter what make of tyre all i can say is that going to the PS4's from Falken was noticeably quieter even on rough surfaces. In my opinion i dont think noise deadening on the Corolla is Toyota's strength if you compare it to a VW. Handling with the PS4's was a massive improvement with no skittishness or twitching which seemed to be a Falken characteristic. Dont expect faultless handling in high winds especially in exposed areas.
  5. HI Devon Aygo I knew it was too good to be true i have no intention of fiddling with the car circuitry thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see the instructions manual.
  6. Hi Bobby I am not a big fan of Toyota apps and software that comes with the 2019 hybrid Corolla. I really have little patience with software where the learning curve is steepish. There were a number of issues with the Toyota satnav that quite frankly drove me barmy and to make matters worse they were simple ones that should not have been there in the first place, which is typically a sign of over engineering. Anyway the answer to my problems was relatively simple I installed an Apple app on my iphone called Waze. which talked to my Apple connected Toshiba multimedia screen. This app is far better than my previous TOMTOM sat nav i have used for many years. I am pretty certain there is an equivalent version for Android. The WAZE app gives better definition/warnings etc on the display screen than the Toyota offering and it responds to voice commands whats not to like.
  7. This week i had a bit of a scare provided by reading something on the web and then ringing my dealer who confirmed my paranoia. The scare was that if you leave your motor standing unused for about two weeks or so you might not be able to start the engine due to a flat battery. I have been doing some research on solar panels and discovered that you can buy one from the AA for about £35 place it on your dashboard and plug it into the ciggy lighter and voila a 4 watt trickle charge will keep your battery in tip top condition. I am waiting for one to be delivered from Amazon and will keep you guys posted when i manage to set fire to my pride and joy by shorting out the electrics . The question here is has any one else used this method safely to keep the battery charged as i dont really want to call the local fire brigade.
  8. My alloys are 18" fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's and handling stopping and wet performance is vastly superior to the Falken but then i am a Michelin fan hence a bit biased.
  9. In my humble opinion the 2l hybrid is a better choice but is not as stingy on mpg as the 1.8. More horses and 0-60 times are a considerable improvement on the 1.8.( 7.8 for the 2l and 10. something for the 1.8) The handing on the 2L Hybrid is OK but can be considerably improved by chucking away the dreadful Falken tyres which are noisy and exhibit poor braking in the wet. I have owned the GR Sport version since January and prefer it to the MK7 Golf GTD i used to own why 1. more comfy ride 2. handles better round corners 3. easier to get in and out of than the golf 4. very smooth power delivery which when compared to the Golf. Straight line handling on the VW is better as the Corolla is prone to poor handling during strong crosswinds but then it is a bigger vehicle than the Golf and presents a larger side profile. The CVS box can get slightly noisy under hard acceleration but is not really intrusive. On the whole what is not to like after you get used to the totally silent electric motor when its driving you up the road and people staring trying to figure out why you are not pushing the car but it still has momentum. 😉
  10. Unfortunately the settings for auto lock vehicle after moving off and auto lock after leaving the vehicle and forgetting to lock it are not available for the Corolla Hybrid Gr Sports. This information was passed on by a couple of Toyota dealers. A lack of this option which is a basic safety feature is alarming i guess Toyota got lost in the jungle car gimmicks and forgot to implement the basic ones.☹️
  11. Andy the setting stops your vehicle recognising you have the fob in the car hence it will not start and to be honest i dont understand the logic. I am not sure if this is a Toyota security fix for keyless entry/start car thefts but i am certain that our car monkeys have found a way round it. JT the lack of these settings is very annoying though having said that there may be a more sophisticated OBD2 such as the Blue that may have these but it is around £99. There are many more sophisticated scanners costing up to £2500 on the market the trick is to find one that has these settings, is compatible with your vehicle and wont blow up your wallet. I really dont want to be visiting the dealer for an answer. Our friendly contributor Lee claims this is not an available function which i find very odd as it is a simple logical function and was available on my VW GOLF GTD models from as far back a 2016 so i miss it quite a bit. I need to do more research as i consider it an important safety feature lack of which is a serious omission by Toyota.
  12. Here are the settings in Carista Dings & Warnings Ding when headlights are left on *YES* / NO Remote low battery warning *ON* / OFF Driver Assist Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the PCS switch is turned off and back on *NORMAL* / REMEMBER LAST DISTANCE Default distance for Pre-Collision System (PCS) alarm when the ignition is turned on with the PCS switch off *NORMAL* / REMEMBER LAST DISTANCE Heater & A/C Auto-turn on A/C when AUTO button pressed (if needed) *YES* / NO Auto-turn on recirculate mode when A/C is on YES / *NO* Open vents to outside air when ignition is turned off *YES* / NO Auto-increase blower speed when front defroster is on YES / *NO* Open air flow to footwell when AUTO button pressed *YES* / NO Ambient temperature calibration -3°C / -2°C / -1°C / *NORMAL* / +1°C / +2°C / +3°C A/C ECO mode *ENABLED* / DISABLED A/C compressor noise reduction *ENABLED* / DISABLED Instruments: Displays & Nav Instrument lights dimming sensitivity DARKEST / DARKER / NORMAL / *LIGHTER* / LIGHTEST Instrument lights restoring sensitivity DARKEST / DARKER / *NORMAL* / LIGHTER / LIGHTEST Engine start indicator *ON* / OFF Instruments: Heads-Up Display (HUD) Image distortion in heads-up display (HUD) CONCAVE HIGH / CONCAVE MEDIUM / CONCAVE LOW / DEFAULT / CONVEX LOW / CONVEX MEDIUM / *CONVEX HIGH* Lights: Automatic Auto headlights activation threshold DARKEST / DARKER / *NORMAL* / LIGHTER / LIGHTEST Lights: Exterior Coming-home lights duration *30 SECONDS* / 60 SECONDS / 90 SECONDS / 120 SECONDS Lights: Interior Interior light control *ENABLED* / DISABLED Turn on interior lights when you shut off engine *YES* / NO Turn on interior lights when you unlock doors *YES* / NO Turn on interior lights when smart key in range *YES* / NO Dim interior lights after… 7 SECONDS / *15 SECONDS* / 30 SECONDS Interior footlight (bright when doors open, dim when driving) *YES* / NO Interior lights linked to footlight *YES* / NO Turn on interior door-handle & center console lights dimly (flood lights) when ignition is on and shifter is not in park (P) *YES* / NO Locking: Automatic Wireless door locking *ENABLED* / DISABLED Re-lock doors automatically if you unlock, but don't open a door within… *30 SECONDS* / 60 SECONDS / 120 SECONDS Locking: Doors & Alarm Unlock doors via remote DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Unlock doors via physical key DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Unlock doors via smart key (door handle button) DRIVER'S DOOR ON 1ST PRESS, ALL ON 2ND / *ALL DOORS ON 1ST PRESS* Warn (beep) when door can't be locked because it's still open *YES* / NO Warn (beep) when a window is still open when locking doors *YES* / NO Warn (beep) when sunroof is still open when locking doors *YES* / NO Disarm the alarm when unlocking with key from door lock YES / *NO* Locking: Smart Key Stop monitoring for car key signal after… 5.000000 Smart key location to start car FRONT SEATS / *ANYWHERE IN VEHICLE* Mirrors Auto fold side-view mirrors (req. power folding mirrors) WITH IGNITION / *WITH DOOR LOCKS* / DISABLED Parking Sensors Parking sensor beep volume LOW / *MEDIUM* / HIGH Rear center parking sensor range SHORT / *LONG* Trunk Open trunk lid with remote *SINGLE CLICK* / DOUBLE CLICK / LONG PRESS / VERY LONG PRESS / DISABLED Unlock trunk when doors are unlocked *ON* / OFF Windows & Sunroof Open windows and sunroof via long-press on remote *ON* / OFF Close windows and sunroof via long-press on remote *ON* / OFF Open windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock ON / *OFF* Close windows and sunroof by turning and holding key in door lock ON / *OFF* Beep when opening/closing windows with remote *YES* / NO Open driver's window using single button press *YES* / NO Close driver's window using single button press *YES* / NO Open passenger's window using single button press *YES* / NO Close passenger's window using single button press *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close *YES* / NO Passenger window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Passenger window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-left window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-open from driver's switch *YES* / NO Rear-right window single-touch-close from driver's switch *YES* / NO Wipers & Washer Automatic wipers (using rain sensor) *YES* / NO
  13. Hi Guys I forgot to mention that you can use your Iphone/Ipad to scan and alter the settings by using The Carista App from the Apple online store and I think it was free.The dongle talks to your iphone/ipad via Bluetooth and glows red/orange when connected via the OBD socket located as shown in the image downloaded in my previous scribe.
  14. Hi Guys hope you are all in charge of your respective marbles in these trying times as I am slowly beginning to loose mine the reasons for this loss is explained below. Recently i decided not to make a pointless trip to the dealer for him to fiddle with customised settings on my vehicle. So I purchased an ODB Carista dongle from Amazon for about £25.00. At the point of configuration the app demanded £9.99 for one month usage or £33 for a year this seemed reasonable so i forked out a for a month, Now what did i manage to do ? well to my surprise 1) enable remote opening closing of all windows 2) altered interior lights on timing 3) HUD orientation setting 4) altered AC settings for easier control 5)alteration of car venting 6) Rear passenger seat belt alarm disabling as if you place a heavy bag on the seat the vehicle thinks I am carrying a passenger. . I am still trying to come to grips with some of the settings which i do not understand. I have three main gripes at the moment which is how can i enable autolocking of all doors after the vehicle has moved off without using doing it manually. The one thing that drives me totally barmy is the boot lid it which locks itself after you have exited the vehicle and you have to either play with the power button or remote key to get the dam thing to open. There appears to be a mystery sequence you have to follow to enable you to lock the vehicle once you hit the power off button and exited. The vehicle makes a dinging noise when you open the door to leave but then fails to lock after you have shut everything via the remote fob unless i go back to the vehicle and play with the power button what am i doing wrong ? All recommendations gratefully received but please please dont ask me to visit my dealer.
  15. Hi Guys I am having some trouble trying to obtain the full specs on this model. I am trying to establish if there is a sensor on the door handle to enable entry to the vehicle without pressing the key fob button. It is something i have not really thought about as the dealer never pointed it out when i picked up my vehicle so i assumed you have to use your key fob to gain entry. On a few occasions the vehicle has thrown up a warning saying fob not present in car also my Carista app talks about enabling distances for fob recognition and unlocking door by touching sensor on door handle. Any ideas guys ? Thanks Louie
  16. Hi Guys Definitely not going dealer route. I have ordered the Carista dongle from Amazon at about £25 plus membership fee which is about £13 for a month or £33 for a year. This should enable you to carry out all the custom mods on your vehicle. I am not 100% sure on membership fees as they vary enormously from country to country so will confirm. I have downloaded the Carista App from the Apple store on to my Iphone and will commence fiddling tomorrow when my dongle arrives. Many thanks to all for your contribution I am blown away by response and will keep you guys posted on how i get on as it if it all comes together it should save you guys a lot of inconvenience. ( I hate sitting around in dealers showrooms for whatever reason)
  17. Yup worth a try its really annoying that i have to refer to a dealer for every slight mod did not have to do any of this crap with my golf but so far pleased with the car so will persevere. I will give my dealer a call tomorrow for suggestions but its a real pain getting through to the workshop have better luck getting through to the Pope.I will keep you guys posted if there is any trick software available.
  18. hi king crimson i had this sick feeling in my gut that someone might say that after i read the fine print in the owners manual. However in todays times visiting the dealer is not an option for me at present. Afterall all the dealer is going to do is fiddle with some software the trick is finding it. I am still looking at the moment its only available in the States as an Iphone app.☹️ Thanks anyway Louie
  19. Hi Guys Hope you have no been driven crazy by social distancing etc. Does anyone how to enable remote operation of front and rear windows using the key fob on this model It is suppose to work after a second long press having used the remote unlocking. Mine just makes a lot of clunking noises on the second press. Thanks Louie
  20. Hi Andrue After repeated attempts i have finally managed to download an image of front door sill.
  21. Hi Andrue For some odd reason my door sill images failed to upload giving a weird -200 error I wonder if anyone else is having this trouble.
  22. Ian Dont forget to have the wheels balanced after fitting this should be part of the package,
  23. Yes they look the business nice !
  24. Hi Andrue I went for the rear and front door sills in polished chrome I think ?
  25. Hi Ian You should be paying just under £100 or thereabouts including fitting/balancing for these. Does Costco price include fitting/balancing if so its very cheap must be a catch somewhere. The Pilots are a huge improvement over the Falkens worth every penny.