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  1. I have found the best way to stop them making noise is to put in some extra seat belt studs that I got from ebay it make them sit higher and not bang.
  2. On my TNS510 I had issues getting the Bluetooth to work with the phone and audio at the same time, the way I fixed it was by clearing all the saved devices in the phone part and the audio part, then pair may phone in both sections, now it works with both. I'm not sure if its the same with the 350 but worth a try.
  3. 1x Genuine Windshield Washer Hose Valve for Lexus CT GS IS LS RX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123880948799?epid=1415817111&hash=item1cd7e1443f:g:xREAAOSwOmRdXGs9
  4. Would something like one of these kits designed for other Toyota have the correct plugs to fit into the Tns510, that may be able to be modified? Rear view camera adapter Toyota Scion 2014+ Camry Corolla RAV4 Sienna Prius
  5. How good does the image look on your screen, could you take a picture of it please.
  6. I have not seen this type of camera installed on an IQ, do you know if this will be compatible with the normal TNS510 head unit with regards wiring and stuff. I assume you would be able to follow the Toyota instructions (see attached) or would anyone be able to enlighten me to a way to get this to work with the TNS510 head unit, as it looks a very neat solution compared to the OEM camera. iQ Back Camera PZ422-00140-00.pdf
  7. I got mine on eBay, but there are two types so make sure to get the correct ones, one clips to the car on the back PZ410I035002 and one clips to the car on the bottom.
  8. I recently got a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus Mp3 player and it supports Bluetooth, so I thought I would connected it up to the TNS510, on paper they should work together and support the right Bluetooth formats, but when I try to connect it I get an error “Bluetooth connection failed. Verify the passcode”. The manual for the player says, The car audio system must support A2DP, Some car systems will ask you to enter a code before pairing. Please use "0000". Has anyone else had experience with the TNS510 and Bluetooth, could they shad any light on if I am doing something wrong or if it’s just going to work. Steve
  9. I got my H&R Lowering Springs from demon-tweeks, demon-tweeks suspension just put in your reg and it will list what's available, they do have coil overs also I think.
  10. I went for the Luxury and I would say the pile is thicker than the standers carpet set, but we are not talking shagpile or anything, it’s still a car carpet. The whole mat is stiff with a non-slip backing. With regards the shape it fitted to the shape of the car and has cut-outs for the seatbelts, if you look at the link the picture is the shape you get. Steve
  11. Hello, I have just done this very thing in my 2009 IQ2 and I also made a guide of how I fitted the camera, see the attached word doc. Steve Toyota IQ Hardwiring Dashcam Power Guide.docx
  12. I would not think its a good idea to be supplying power directly into the OBD2 port, I would not think that would be safe for the car, I think you need to think of a solution that is connected directly to the battery, if its not going to be in use for a long time, can you not just disconnect one of the battery terminals as the battery will keep its charge if its not connected. You could always get something like one of these jump start kits if you are worried about it not starting. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/battery-maintenance/jump-starters/
  13. I think you can download it from here Toyota IQ 2012 Owner's Manual
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