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  1. I need to have a look under a 2019 RAV4 hybrid before I buy one - hopefully without anyone thinking I’m about to steal the cat! I saw a video on Youtube of the underside of a 2016 version and the cat was partly behind a metal shield, but still accessible. Maybe the 2020 version is different?? I will have to go to a Toyota dealer. I won’t buy one if the cat is really exposed - I would worry every time I leave my shiny, new car in a public area.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Has anyone actuallly managed to look under the latest RAV4 Hybrid? It’s possible that the catalytic convertor is already positioned in an inaccessible location. Presently I drive a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in which the ‘cat’ is up in the engine compartment and therefore fairly unreachable. Also, thanks Willem, but the latest RAV4 Hybrid is shown as already having a tilt sensor, in the brochure specifications, and I still think that a ‘skinny’ lad could get under the car without jacking it up (it’s thought that a certain, local criminal around here has a gang of kids to help to do his jobs!).
  3. Hello Everybody. I have just joined this forum as I have ordered a new RAV4 Hybrid. Having test driven the RAV4 hybrid and from owning an Auris hybrid a few years ago I decided it was the right choice for us. Unfortunately though, after having done a lot of reading on the internet, and from the experiences of friends, I am starting to have concerns about the vulnerability of this model to catalytic convertor theft. I have read all about the Prius and Auris being particular targets for thieves, but with the rising demand and prices of the rare metals in the catalytic convertors, hybrid SUVs must be looking like tempting and easy targets. Does anyone know of a RAV4 that has had it’s catalytic convertor stolen yet? I’m aware that newer Toyota hybrids use less of the rare metals in the cats, but the metal is still there for the taking and is worth something to the criminals. If it’s easy to take they will take it.
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