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  1. Thanks for that. I've sent over a new email to my local dealer, asking for new/quotes. Have you had those things fitted? I see your quote was a round £100, though Sportse mentioned they paid £250, any reason for the large difference? Or am I reading things totally wrong lol
  2. Have Toyota finally released the tilt sensor alarm for the Auris now? I emailed my local dealer back in March, they didn't have any news. Do you happen to know if it fits the 2014 Auris model?
  3. I've read on the Toyota blog they were trying to create one, though haven't really given a time estimate. Regarding the price, £100 fitted for the tilt sensor alarm? or £50 + catloc (£250) ? Wonder what happens when we've already purchased the catloc, would they give it for £50 too? doubt it...
  4. So has there actually been any cases of a Corolla Hybrid being targeted? Apparently their newer cars, I assume Corolla included, have up to 84% less precious metals in the Cat, so not as attractive, though I guess only Toyota can confirm that unless someone else has other knowledge.
  5. So the sells man was chatting bull as per usual then! Though I haven't heard any cases of Corolla Hybrids Cat's being stolen (though perhaps I haven't been following as I don't have one!)
  6. Just got called by my Toyota dealership asking me if I'm interested in trading my Auris Hybrid for a Corolla Hybrid, saying that the Corolla Catalytic converter was moved to underneath the bonnet rather than underside of the car. Unsure if this is true or not, would be good if anyone could confirm?
  7. Managed to do it. I used a tiny bit more force and heat this time and worked great. I used heat and rubbed off the remaining glue, found that to work best. Everything looks nice and clean with no ugly black/blue backgrounds!
  8. Yep I think I just need more patience 🙂 I've got a heat gun which I was using, but they used so much glue that it's pretty hard to get the glue apart. I'll give it another go in a bit, other than that, everything else looks clean 🙂
  9. Thanks! Did you manage to take off the rear Toyota emblem and take the blue backing off?
  10. I've managed to do the side "Hybrid" logos, as well as the rear HSD logo. Front emblem I vinyl'ed in matte black like TonyHSD suggested, though the rear emblem is quite a lot harder to take off! It's clipped as well as the whole area glued, so it's really hard to take off. Haven't quite managed it.
  11. Thanks for all the advice. In regards to the rear Toyota logo badge, it has the blue backing, I saw you mention you merely removed the backing and stuck the Toyota logo back on, what adhesive did you use for that? Any sort of double sided tape?
  12. Is that the system where it detects lanes/cars in front? If so, it should be OK as I don't have those things on my model, it's just the Icon+ model.
  13. Hey Tony thanks for the reply, though I have the updated shape Auris, would you happen to know about that one?
  14. Wondering if anyone knows if the Hybrid logos on the side are attached via sticky backing, or does it attach via a hole/slot? Wanted to de-badge the car, but unsure if that's possible on the side logos. Thanks in advance