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  1. You're most probably right. Almost 24 hours on and it's seemingly holding at 12.60v, so that sounds OK to me, better than what it was while in the car charging through Ready mode anyway. As long as it starts the car when needed, I'm happy with the charge.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LBWWRY2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_3HRK9MCP7AJBX0H8JVE6 Would this be the Bosch Carbon filter one?
  3. Just wondering if anyone recommends any filters other than the Genuine Toyota ones? If so, where can I get them from and how much? I see Toyota charge £45 (during a service) for the standard air filter, and £55 for enhanced (no idea what enhanced is)
  4. Just thought I'd drop in with my findings of the CTEK MXS 5.0, purchased one the other day, and used it yesterday on my Auris 2014 battery, that, even though sitting in Ready mode an hour or so every week, found it too weak to start the car after only 4 days. Rarely used the car 2020, though it was after an MOT where the mechanic must have left max hot air at full blast and stereo blasting while performing the MOT (speculating whether or not this is the reason for the dead battery) after a week of getting the car back from MOT, trying to start it, it failed and was pretty much flat (Didn't measure with MM) but could barely power up the screens etc. That was the first time in 4 years of owning the car that the battery was flat. Ever since, due to not using very often, it's ended up dying another couple times, needing a jump start to get going. Started measuring drain on the battery, after sitting in the car for an hour, it got up to around 12.45v, but rapidly dropped to around 12.28v at around 8PM, left over night and measured in the morning (9AM) and it settled at around 12.16v, staying around that for a few hours, though still dropping a few 0.1v's over a few hours. Charger arrived, so took it out to charge. Took around 6 hours for it to reach Stage 7. Continued leaving it on charge today, and reached 12.76v after taking off charge. Going to leave it disconnected from everything for 24hours and see what it settles at. Since buying the car, I haven't changed the battery, though I don't think it was changed prior to that either, so I was probably going to get a new battery regardless, but if this charger can actually save it, I may not need to for the time being. (Also unsure if there's parasitic draw that's actually eating the battery, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to figure that out..) Charged via normal Car mode (Non-AGM) as some had comments that it wasn't good to use? No idea, so thought I'd play it safe.
  5. Thanks for the info, I just got a newsletter from my local dealer about these. You mention you can plug it into the aux (cigarette lighter) though I thought on most cars now, that port actually shuts down so charging via that port wouldn't be possible? Wondering if anyone could confirm or not? I have an Auris 2014 Hybrid if that matters. Would be good to know, I've seen other brands such as the AA solar panel which is larger in size 4.8W has a supplied ODB2 port to allow charging via as an option. Would that work too?
  6. If you do get it done, make sure to remind them to give you the pin code sticker! Still haven't had time to go back to the dealer to get it yet
  7. Yeah it was done at the dealers. I asked about it due to reading others on this forum and at first, the receptionist at the dealer didn't know anything about it, but I insisted that it's been released, they went to speak to the service team who came back and confirmed. Hope that helps. Also, i was quoted £167 fitted, though on payment, they only charged £100 mentioning Toyota are providing a goodwill contribution, no idea if it's specifically for the tilt alarm or not.
  8. So I've just gotten the new Toyota tilt alarm for my Auris 2014, though, there was no technical adviser to actually demonstrate or instruct how to use or disable it etc, so wondered if anyone else has had the Toyota tilt alarm fitted that might know more about it? I tested by locking the car, and jacking it up, it does indeed go off, but unlocking via the keyfob doesn't actually stop the alarm, unless there's some delay as it stopped 5 seconds or so later, though triggered once again, although the car was still half jacked at that point but unlocked via the keyfob, again, repeated pressing the unlock button didn't seem to kill the alarm instantly. Wondering if this is normal. The instructions to disarm/rearm the alarm pretty much suck with no clear indication of whether the code you entered worked or not.
  9. Thanks for that. I've sent over a new email to my local dealer, asking for new/quotes. Have you had those things fitted? I see your quote was a round £100, though Sportse mentioned they paid £250, any reason for the large difference? Or am I reading things totally wrong lol
  10. Have Toyota finally released the tilt sensor alarm for the Auris now? I emailed my local dealer back in March, they didn't have any news. Do you happen to know if it fits the 2014 Auris model?
  11. I've read on the Toyota blog they were trying to create one, though haven't really given a time estimate. Regarding the price, £100 fitted for the tilt sensor alarm? or £50 + catloc (£250) ? Wonder what happens when we've already purchased the catloc, would they give it for £50 too? doubt it...
  12. So has there actually been any cases of a Corolla Hybrid being targeted? Apparently their newer cars, I assume Corolla included, have up to 84% less precious metals in the Cat, so not as attractive, though I guess only Toyota can confirm that unless someone else has other knowledge.
  13. So the sells man was chatting bull as per usual then! Though I haven't heard any cases of Corolla Hybrids Cat's being stolen (though perhaps I haven't been following as I don't have one!)
  14. Just got called by my Toyota dealership asking me if I'm interested in trading my Auris Hybrid for a Corolla Hybrid, saying that the Corolla Catalytic converter was moved to underneath the bonnet rather than underside of the car. Unsure if this is true or not, would be good if anyone could confirm?
  15. Managed to do it. I used a tiny bit more force and heat this time and worked great. I used heat and rubbed off the remaining glue, found that to work best. Everything looks nice and clean with no ugly black/blue backgrounds!
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