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  1. That is pretty shoddy from Toyota. A digital speedometer these days is a standard on almost all cars
  2. Well I seem to have gone through everything but cannot find anything. Mine is 2016 model. Perhaps someone else with similar model can comment. But which setting do you have it on the recent model?
  3. Is there an option (firmware upgrade etc) to get digital speedometer on the centre console rather than looking at the analogue speedometer. I have got used to looking at digits from my previous cars, including prius. I am surprised that Rav4 does not have a digital Speedometer.
  4. Yes it is 6.7 And i indeed bought it from a Toyota dealer (Steven Eagell) And since I did not join this forum before i am regretting as I am not sure if the dealers will upgrade the software for free.
  5. Ok it does seem to have been disabled as there was no ping on my way back home. Utter bliss 🙂
  6. I drive 28 miles each way to and from London on my RAV4 hybrid with 50% motorway and rest internal roads which are mostly stop/start. The best I have achieved has been 45 mpg but on an average it is 40 mpg, even while using sports mode quite a few times. On the motorway I have struggled to achieve anything more than 35 mpg. Sound proofing is pretty impressive.
  7. mine is still under warranty. So i will see whenever I go around to the dealers will have to mention this and get it sorted. Technically i am not too bothered unless it doesn't stop beeping even after disabling the traffic camera option as AndrueC seem to suggest.
  8. Thanks Peter for this. I was able to find it and have now un-ticked the option. Will report back later tonight if this works.
  9. Well, I agree that I do want the system to be active but it is becoming a nuisance while driving and I do not have time to get it fixed yet. So till the time it goes back to the workshop, I will try to switch it off but need to figure out where is that option
  10. Good point. I would think it would be a point on the map that is being recognised. I am hoping if this is the case there should be a place n the Nav system which allows me to switch off the camera detection. Haven’t been able to locate it yet.
  11. Hello All, i have been having a strange problem on my 2016 Rav4 hybrid. I hope everyone is aware of the click (cork opening kinds) sound to alert of approaching traffic camera. I have been having problem of this alert starting off and then continuing the n a loop for 3-4 minutes before switching off or unless a next camera is being detected. I cannot figure out how to switch the camera alert off.
  12. This was the first thing that I noticed as well when I went out in dark. I am a bit annoyed as nowadays these things are quite basic which you can find almost in every car. My wife’s 2008 Prius has these. Also there are no door lights that lights up when you open the door.
  13. Rajat

    Parking sensors

    Thanks for this invaluable suggestion as it does seem to have made some difference. But I still think that the sensitivity is no where near what is mentioned in the manual. Now the distance when it starts beeping is just under 1 meter (opposed to 1.5m as claimed in the handbook)
  14. Rajat

    Parking sensors

    Indeed, they are manufacturer fitted sensors. I am trying to book it in with the services team as the sales team who sold me the car have washed their hands off saying that just book it in and we will have a look. I know I am buying a used cars which may have faults but it doesn’t feel nice to have been sold something faulty after not agreeing to negotiate much on the price.