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  1. I'm sure it's the 1.8 he mentioned it earlier in the thread.
  2. @Timh21 What was the issue you were having with the MM. Is it a common problem?
  3. Don't know the answer to your question but wanted to say congrats on your purchase. Keep us updated on how you get on with it once arrived.
  4. Bit surprised in another thread on this forum someone is saying the Corolla isn't very well designed inside for car seats.
  5. Was it the boot opening aperture you had issues with or the shape of the boot floor? The seats are folding in Camry but its surrounded by the rear seat mouldings all round.
  6. Very much so the depreciation will probably be worse on the Camry due to popularity of SUV's and Estates and it probably will be a lot harder to shift than the Corolla TS
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if it's anything to do with making the car more fuel efficient by using lighter or thinner paints & laquer etc
  8. With a saloon I'll always have a get out on those IKEA tips lol
  9. Thanks for the feedback and yes agree the Corolla TS is very practical. Love the new RAV4 hybrid but it's just that bit too expensive for me at the moment. Maybe I'm just old but I do like the saloon shape of cars.
  10. What do you guys think would be a better buy in terms of comfort and relaxing drive. Both are fine for my needs in terms of practicality. Price wise not much difference used for a Camry Hybrid Excel or a Corolla TS Trek 2.0L version. Differences: 1. Toyota have confirmed the Camry's with the 7 inch touch screens won't be getting Android auto but the newer versions with the bigger screen similar to the Corolla will but they are out of my price range. 2. No leather option on the Corolla Trek Thanks
  11. Is it possible to install something like this to the Corolla Icon Tech? Could it be a plug an play type deal or am I being too optimistic and actual wiring work will be required?
  12. With more and more SUV drivers and cars with higher ground clearance I was worried if they would be blinding me if they got close behind.
  13. Icon tech trim level doesn't come with auto dimming rear view mirror. My current car does, will it be a big shock to drive a car without? Is there a possibility to retrofit it? Otherwise the alternative is to go up a trim level to Design.
  14. Rolando1

    Auris hybrid

    Have a look on your manual for the service schedule but I would have thought at the very least change the air filter, pollen filter, brake fluid, top up coolant.
  15. Why do people spend good money on a car then cheap out on service?
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