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  1. Am considering a Toyota hybrid between a Camry an RAV4 but not in a hurry under the current circumstances
  2. Have the dealers managed to get to the bottom of this battery issue or Toyota UK have any answers?
  3. Good to know thanks. Maybe just stick with Google maps on phone for most up-to-date maps.
  4. Hi Wayne, is the warranty only available if you buy from main dealer approved used?
  5. Will the retrofit Android auto be available for 2016 Rav 4 hybrid?
  6. Do you guys ignore reviews like the one in autoexpress - seem not keen on the car at all.
  7. That's actually less than I thought it would be for a hybrid battery replacement for a Rav 4 £1,564.38.
  8. Am I mad to consider buying a Rav 4 hybrid with mileage around 90-100k? I know it has the larger 2.5 Toyota engine and thinking if Prius' with 1.8 going to over 350k miles then the larger engine under less stress should match and isn't the battery same type? The ones I'm looking at are from 2016 onwards. Any comments appreciated
  9. What kind or driving are you doing (urban/motorway) to get 49 mpg? Anyone else thinking of buying a Camry. I'll have to wait a bit before it drops to my budget around 18k