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  1. Not convinced by this long press nonsense. I've got android version 10 and the only options on long press is ' uninstall', 'app info' and 'edit'. None of those options lead to any way of unlocking anything for the app
  2. As others have mentioned space for rear passengers is tight in the hatchback version which is fine if your not planning to have rear passengers for long journeys
  3. Just updated the app for myself corolla TS 2020 and don't see any of the new features i.e. remote unlock. Hs anyone contacted Toyota for which models are specifically covered?
  4. I would recommend the Corolla touring sport (estate version). First time I've ever had a car with adaptive cruise control on a car and it's just great especially where there is road works and average speed cameras in place i.e 50 mph, just set it and sit back relax.
  5. Sounds like your coming from a diesel Mercedes?
  6. I have the Corolla 1.8 had it 5 months and although still working from home and not doing much mileage it has been more than adequate for all journeys usually travelling with wife and child with boot loaded with buggy and everything else you need for a toddler. Even on motorway driving not noticed any struggle keeping up with other road users. I have found the car makes me want to drive efficiently
  7. Not sure what to make of this especially with the removal of 5 year/100k changed to 3 year/60k on new cars. So I guess anyone buying a 5 year+ age car as soon as they've bought it if the last service wasn't done by main dealer is to get it serviced by Toyota to reactivate the warranty for 12 months.
  8. I've got the 1.8 TS and would say if you want to future proof yourself then you should only consider the estate version. It's not a large/wide estate and doesn't feel like your driving a barge, ideal for everyday driving, commuting. If you get the hatch version once the pram is in you won't have much room for anything else but believe me you will have a whole load of other baby 'stuff' to lug around on any day out. Toyota themselves advertise the hatch version for singles and couples.
  9. I can see on play store there is an update to the app. I am weary about updating my version. Both the recent reviewers give low score on the update.
  10. Thanks for raising awareness of this petition. Signed. It's a long shot to hit 10k but fingers crossed.
  11. Do people accidentally get in the car thinking your an Uber driver?
  12. Same here 1.8 TS owner and very sad to hear about the theft from a Corolla. Fingers crossed it was a time consuming job for the scum which might act as a deterrent to other wannabes.
  13. Good idea to check the locking wheel nut is present and as mentioned above a hpi check crucial you never know ut could have been a write off at some point or finance owing. How many owners? If it was prereg then taxi and now you that's 3 owners in such a short time but not an issue if you plan to keep the car long term.
  14. That's pretty good by Toyota. So will there be any comebacks on you if it's not down to poor paint, poor batch? I.e. if it was just external influences?
  15. Solid white. I think you could be tempted away from a Prius with the TS 😜
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