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  1. A couple of items I’d like to see in addition to those things previously mentioned , electric adjustment on passenger seat. Ability easily turn off seat belt indicators in rear for when loads are in the boot with the seats down and an electronic rear view mirror coupled with a better camera.
  2. SimB

    Charging help

    Many thanks for the advice will check
  3. SimB

    Charging help

    I have recently starting to use an EV charger instead of the granny cable and while it appears to work fine with others car with the Rav when it charges to approx 37 miles something happens and on occasion causes the RCD on the distribution panel to trip. The sparky who checked the device and board out cannot find an obvious fault but is keen to know if anything happens with the Rav4 drawing power around 37 miles of charge as this appears to be the level of charge each time it trips. I cannot find anything obvious written anywhere but thought I’d ask the community for any thoughts or advice. There are no obvious log data points on the charger either which point to anything Charger I am hooking up to is a Zappi V2
  4. I had to use the horn on my Rav for the first time yesterday, I sounded soo feeble from inside the car , less of a warning more something looking for sympathy , is the the same for all and quite a pathetic tinny sound ?
  5. Hi all, Trying to understand how TMC works on my RAV4. I don't get any alerts on DAB and the only station that appears to work on FM is Classic FM, Am I doing something wrong or is this it. In my previous car when on DAB the FM channel alerts were broadcast as I understand in the UK we don't have TMC with DAB channels for some reason. Any wise words of wisdom appreciated
  6. SimB

    CHG mode

    Hi, This maybe a daft question but appreciate peoples thoughts. Has anyone used it at all on the PHEV, I’ve read about it in the manual but does anyone use it. It appears as CHG mode. I am also interested in the roles of the two batteries and when one operates and not the other, which gets recharged from the engine, both or just the one and in what circumstances Any explanations appreciated TIA
  7. I regularly carry stuff in my boot (sometimes with the rear seats folded) and have boot floor protection (large rubber liner from Toyota) which is great but have noticed that the material on the back of the rear sets is becoming a little scuffed. Am looking at something to cover the backs of the rears and would welcome recommendations
  8. SimB

    2022 changes?

    Is the newly announced Adventure model going to be like the TRD in North America ? Or just branding in the main, any one any ideas
  9. RAV4 2019 Dynamic Over the weekend I had to move some items in the car and with the rear seats all folded to get the larger items in the car. When loaded the rear middle seat alarm went off. Two questions , If the seats are folded should this be automatically disabled to prevent false alarms ? Can this be disabled at all as it was very distracting until it gave up and stopped making a noise Many thanks
  10. That’s solved it it was the phone volume that’s caused the issue not the volume on the head unit. thanks for the message
  11. Hi, Am sure this may have been asked before but a search did not help. The phone volume through the speakers on my RAV4 compared with previous vehicle (non Toyota) I’ve owned appear low and I am unable to make this loud enough to overcome road noise. Am I missing something to be able to get a similar volume as I can from the Radio for example. Is there a specific setting for the phone or do I need to change something on the phone (Apple iPhone 😎 Thanks in advance for any replies
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