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    rav 4 mpg

    If you haven’t reset it then that is the average mpg since it was last reset. The white line that goes up and down as you drive is the instaneous figure.

    MPG Rav4

    I find with my 2019 I have averaged around 54 with normal gentle driving. It has gone down a bit during cold weather and lockdown as the engine comes on every time you pop out, not because it’s needed but to warm it up in case it’s needed . I find the car a nice place to be and it drives very smooth and quiet. The only fly in the ointment is the battery issues due to not much use. It really needs a least an hours use every week at least. I have just bought a smart battery charger to get it back up charged.
  3. Mine retract automatically when I lock the car but I am in the Uk. What spec is provided for the Australian spec rav4 I really don’t know.
  4. I also came to the rav4 from a diesel cx5. I always used to prefer diesel cars but once they all got dpf’s they lost their hardiness and it was advised not to do too many short local trips. My new rav4 is not only smoother and quieter than the cx5 it is also a lot more economical than my cx5 was. In traffic and on local trips the petrol engine is not on most of the time and so even that type of motoring is economical as is motorway cruising. I have averaged 54mpg in mine and I haven’t really been trying so could probably better that. I had to call out Toyota rescue this week as I hadn’t u
  5. Do you have the sunroof because if you have a sunroof in the 2019 model you can’t have a spare because the extra weight takes it over the emissions level or the car. Of course there is no reason why can’t put a spare in yourself after you take delivery.
  6. I am averaging around 54.5, mainly long journey use a road and motorway. This I consider is pretty good for the shape of the car,size and performance. Slow moving traffic can often give you the best mpg as in electric mode more.
  7. I also have the grey leather. It is 2 tone and the lighter interior definitely lifts the interior compared to black. I think you will be pleased with the look. If it stops raining I will try to get a pic later on.
  8. You could try it on the car and make sure the rolling diameter is the same as the other wheels. If it sticks out slightly more than the other wheels it doesn’t really matter as it will be only used for emergencies and for short periods.
  9. As I understand it the new RAV4 cat is accessible but I believe that the newer hybrid cars use technology instead of precious metals so are not that valuable to thieves, the problem is if the thieves don’t know that and just cut it out anyway. In general it’s the older Prius and auras and Honda jazz that get taken time and again. i like you have had diesels for the last 15 years and have been very pleased with them but as they are now falling out of favour alsodecided that arav4 hybrid would be a good compromise. Got mine at Xmas, it was a demo as I didn’t want to wait 6-9 months for a ne
  10. The last service may have used the wrong oil, a lot of the thin oils used on modern cars are too thin for older engines and will rapidly burn it.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I had never heard before that hybrids don’t have emissions testing , I wonder if that’s also for the mild hybrids that are on the market nowadays as they can’t run on electric alone, the motor just helps out the engine
  12. Hi I have a 2019 RAV4 so mot not imminent but I was wondering how they test the emissions on a hybrid as you can’t control when the engine comes on and if it was on it would soon go off again if car wasn’t moving. Is there a menu option to run the engine?
  13. It looks like a good deal to us in uk as those prices are about the same in dollars as we pay in pounds
  14. I also have netting on that recess, maybe 2020 doesn’t have it.
  15. Who did you use to post back the mat as I had a quick look on Royal Mail and parcelforce and it looked like it was going to cost about £12. I have just had a thought and maybe the lower mat fits into the spare wheel well under the spare wheel then you could put tools etc in there and they wouldn’t rattle against the metal floor. I haven’t tried it but maybe why they do upper and lower.
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