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  1. @john p williams @FROSTYBALLS thanks, taking your advice
  2. I hand-washed my car yesterday. The only sunny, warm-ish day we'll apparently have for the next week or so! I noticed, to my dismay, that the shark's fin at the rear of the roof is loose. It seems to be glued to the roof and It looks like it's becoming unstuck on one side. My worry is that it might come away completely or be the source of damage to the fin's innards. As for cause, the only thing I can think of is when the car was hand washed by a reliable hand wash service before we went into lockdown. Maybe they were a bit aggressive with the washing and wiping. Since then I've washed it
  3. I find the grey interior lining quite attractive, very complementary to the overall interior colour scheme. I think it's less distracting in bright sunshine compared to the usual lighter material in most cars, especially the A pillars that you see all the time. Perhaps it's a matter of personal taste. And, as @Timmonnoted, the darker roof lining won't show any marks!
  4. You're welcome! I emailed the app developers at MyTapp@toyota-europe.com to report this experience and asked for info on what's happening with the app. If I get a reply with useful info, I'll report that here.
  5. Same here, @Legge, as of yesterday hybrid scoring just shows "Not applicable for this trip" message. I noticed on Google Play that the MyT Android app was updated on March 1, maybe that has something to do with it. I've not yet explored further. One thing I may test is clearing the cache and deleting data from the app on my phone and then forcing an app restart. I imagine it would pull the data again from the Toyota server the app connects to. The data seems to be all there, I checked in MyT account on the website, last 3 months history is there although the website doesn't show hybrid sc
  6. What a performance! Like everyone else here, my updating experience did work but the faff doing it was ridiculous! This made me think of a recent survey I read that measured owner satisfaction across car brands. US but much relevant to here. What struck me especially is how poorly in-car tech is regarded by consumers across almost every brand with Toyota one of the very lowest for this. Even Tesla, the poster child for in-car tech, did not do too well. All need to massively improve on that metric. See the screenshot for six brands sold here. https://www.consumerreports.org/car-r
  7. Most interesting reading all the different experiences! I listen to DAB radio at times via the car radio, usually a rock station. Mostly, though, it's Amazon Music and Spotify playlists plus talk podcasts - all via Android Auto - so a wide range of audio types. Local driving on a mix of rural and urban roads, volume set between 15 (radio for background) and 30, depending on audio type. Podcasts are the type of content that usually need the volume up a bit especially people talking. But even driving on the motorway, it's mid 20s to 30s whatever I'm listening to. I've never had the volume a
  8. Google actually says AA wireless is supported on any smartphone with Android 11.0 and 5GHz wifi. Details: https://support.google.com/androidauto/answer/6348019#zippy=%2Candroid-auto-on-your-car-display-wireless However, it requires the car's head unit to support a 5GHz wireless connection in addition to supporting AA. The supported cars list for Toyota on Android.com still doesn't include Corolla https://www.android.com/auto/compatibility/#compatibility-vehicles Unless the 2021 Corolla has the functionality, it looks like a third-party solution such as I mentioned at the start of thi
  9. I spotted a DPD small EV delivery van last week, delivering to a neighbour. I guess the depot must be close as a vehicle like this can't carry much and I imagine has limited range. But what a sensible move by DPD.
  10. I have the same Corolla as you, Christopher, and I did the update in December. It does take a while due to the file size and speed of running the updater from a USB drive: in my case, an hour and 15 mins in total. I posted an account of it with screenshots here - I think it's worth doing the update if you have it: you'll have the latest map with must be worth having (although I don't use it much, preferring Android Auto and Google Maps).
  11. Some additional insights here about Toyota's tie-up with Suzuki - https://carbuzz.com/news/the-surprising-reason-why-toyota-partnered-with-suzuki and https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/passenger-vehicle/cars/what-pans-out-for-maruti-suzuki-from-toyota-suzuki-partnership/77848973 Getting a better understanding now.
  12. Agree, it may not be about sales. But it seems to me that offering a clone of one of your best selling models at a lesser price in a major market will dent your brand (and probably sales). I don't know what Toyota's strategic objectives are here, though, so hard to be confident with opinions.
  13. Got it, thanks! I was out this morning on wet and salty roads so used the rear wiper a bit. Not enough spray to switch it on completely, nor leave it on intermittent, so manual now and again. I realised that what I'd been doing - turning it on manually then immediately turning it off as the wiper was sweeping across the screen - may not be the best way to use this manual mode. So turn it on, let it complete one sweep out and back to park, then turn it off. That seems best.
  14. Yes, thinking the same. I think Toyota runs a risk of brand dilution with this. Sales, too, if buyers compare their wishlists and find they can get what they want ££ cheaper with the Suzuki. Still, not knowing anything about Toyota's strategy and goals, it's hard to determine. The Suzuki version isn't the same spec as the Corolla in the UK. For starters the Suzuki version has blind spot monitoring, the Corolla Excel has full leather seats.
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