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  1. I wonder if repair work such as our two examples involve uncommon parts, as it were, which aren't readily in stock somewhere in the UK supply chain. My dealer did tell me they would check to see if the part needed for my car is in Belgium, meaning it would get here pretty quick. Obviously not!
  2. That thought crossed my mind too. I suppose they just gassed it up. One other thing they could have done is asked me to bring the car back a week after the regas so they could visually check with their UV light whether gas had leaked. But I guess the fallout from coronavirus and lockdown has affected such proactive-type acts by car dealers.
  3. Update 13 August 2020: I really didn't think I'd be adding to this thread, but the A/C fix my dealer made in July didn't fix things at all. Last week, I noticed that no cold air was coming from the vents, just ambient-temp air, no matter what setting I dialled in to the controls. Deja vu - that's what was happening before. It turns out that there is a fault in the A/C system. On Tuesday I went to the dealer who examined the engine bay with a UV light and sure enough, you could see the dye that they'd added to the gas when they regassed the system last month visibly splattered in the bay. So less than a month on from the regas, the gas had escaped from the system. The mechanics told me that the cause was a broken pipe from which the A/C gas had leaked. Not sure which pipe; here's a photo of my engine bay: the pipe is one of the vertical ones on the left (I think) - Fixing the problem requires a new part to be ordered and then a repair undertaken that will involve removal of the front section of the car to gain access to the engine bay to effect the repair. And this part has to come from Japan so we're looking at early September at the earliest for the repair, which will be under warranty. Really disappointed with this turn of events. Looks like I have a new car with a 'Friday part'. Hoping the rest of the car is made with Saturday-Thursday parts! Reflective thought - the dealer told me that the A/C hadn't been properly gassed at the factory before it was delivered. What if, in fact, that was done entirely properly but the pipe fault being present at that time meant all that gas leaked out. That's what it looks like to me. So I wait for news from the dealer and, in the meantime, enjoy heatwave air 😞
  4. Good result! 👍 And to quote a great tip I received from @TonyHSD - make sure the dealer notes this in the service record as a warranty fix. Then check it's listed in the service section in the MyT app.
  5. I had an A/C problem with my brand new Corolla that I picked up at the end of June.Not quite the same as your situation but maybe my experience may help. I took the car back to my local dealer who saw it immediately as a warranty issue if there was a fault in the A/C system. They contacted Toyota UK who told them to examine the car and test the system. Turned out it wasn't fully gassed at the factory before delivery. Worse, that fact escaped every quality check and the PDI. But once the system was properly gassed by the dealer, the A/C has been doing its job perfectly. Here's the thread of what I posted about it in this forum -
  6. As far as I know, you cannot use Android Auto wirelessly yet - it must be connected to the car via the USB cable. You can't use Bluetooth, it doesn't have the bandwidth capability. And this is how Toyota UK says you should connect your phone to the car That said, the capability to connect wirelessly is there. This US magazine article explains how - I've not tried it yet.
  7. Exactly, that's how I use my car - get in, foot on brake + press Power firmly then take finger off the button after literally 1 or 2 seconds. When you see READY in big green letters, you're good to go. If I stay in the car before driving off (say, to sort out the DAB favourites which stump me all the time!), the engine will power on now and again to charge the battery as required, as others have noted. I haven't used ACC mode at all yet.
  8. There are many variables with things like this including phone brand and model, version of Android and of Android Auto. I have a 20-plate Excel HB I got at the end of June and use Android Auto all the time. From day 1 it just worked after I connect phone to car via original phone cable plugged in to front USB port. Phone is Samsung Galaxy S20 5G running Android 10, Android Auto version 5.4.502264. Maybe this support doc from Google might help for troubleshooting Hope you get it sorted. It's very frustrating when things like this happen.
  9. Congrats! I picked up my new Excel one month ago. Every day is still a new car day 🤩
  10. Thanks, Tony, that's exactly how I'm looking at it.
  11. Further update on this. Today I visited the dealer and they gave me a written report on the work they did last week and why: They said this would also appear in the Service section of the My Toyota app (not there yet, though). The now-gassed A/C works perfectly with actual cold air being delivered when required according to temp setting, just as it should do.
  12. Thanks TIM, that's a great tip 👍
  13. Update July 17. The car spent 90 minutes at the dealer. They told me their check showed the system had no gas in it. They filled it with the amount required, I believe it's 500g. They had told me previously there was an apparent leak in the system, so the gas has a dye marker with it that will show under UV light. They asked me to use the car with the A/C on for the coming week, let them know what I experience. If the A/C works as expected, according to my perception, then all is good. If not, bring the car back where they'll check the dye marker to see if there is a leak. Next steps (in terms of warranty repair) will depend on outcome of that test. Bottom line today, though, is that for the first time since I took delivery of the car on June 27, I have functioning A/C that does blow pretty cold air. A test drive with it from being parked in the sun showed that in today's temp - 26C where I am - the car interior very quickly felt nicely chilled with the A/C temp dial set to 19C. Definitely cold air out of the vents! So it appears that the car had no A/C gas when it left the factory. Worse than that, this clearly was not noticed by anyone during any pre-delivery checks. I'm not terribly impressed with that, frankly. Still, it looks like I will have a nice cooled interior in time for the mini heatwave that apparently will arrive next week.
  14. I used Compare the Market which gave me 43 quotes, 10 of which were worth considering the rest being either more expensive or less coverage or both. I first did a lookup on this service before the car was registered. The lookup knew about the car, though, and gave me quotes. Once I had the reg number, the quotes become more accurate as it could quote on the precise model grade. And more expensive 😄 When I collected the car from the dealer, I took advantage of Toyota's 3-day free insurance. I also got a quote from Toyota. Super expensive - twice as much as the cheapest on Compare the Market.
  15. Thanks for sharing that, Andrue, good to know!