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  1. Great to see wireless support coming for forthcoming models. For current models you can't get this. However, I can speak from experience in saying that if you have a 2020 Corolla as I do, you can connect your phone wirelessly to Android Auto via a third-party device called AA Wireless. This is the product of a start-up that I backed last year on Indiegogo, and that I wrote about in this thread last year. The product started shipping in mid March and I got mine a month ago. I've been using it since then and it works every time. I don't want to run foul of forum rules so I'm not linking to
  2. That makes good sense although the best way of all is streaming over your Internet connection - no worries about storage space or file formats and if you create playlists of your content, you have the ideal customised music delivery system. I use Spotify for streaming what's there and and Amazon Music mostly for my own stuff in playlists. (I used to use Google Play Music until that dropped and YouTube Music succeeded it.) This is my ideal. I realise not everyone can do it with the major issue being reliable and consistent network connectivity. If you can, though, it's the best. I manage it via
  3. I have the 2020 Excel HB (out of the factory at the end of last June) with full leather seats that are superbly comfortable. Nice and firm. Not experienced the issues as you've described. Wondering if Toyota changed anything with the seats between MY 2020 and 2021?
  4. It's weird, isn't it? I've had this every time I check the oil. That's about once a month which is probably sufficient for current car use 2-3 times a week. I try to push the dipstick in gently, twist and turn it until I get little resistance, that seems to work, it then goes in completely. It is a bit of a faff though.
  5. As I was writing the above note, an email came in from the My T app developers in answer to my question I asked them on how the data gets from a car to Toyota. From the horse's mouth. I live and learn... ☺️
  6. One additional note - it would be great if someone can cite the source of information that explains all of the above. It must be documented somewhere.
  7. Thanks for the additional info @Legge, @Geoff W, @AndrueC, @RabButler. So to be clear, the data that the My T app makes use of to produce the metrics for hybrid performance comes via the eCall system that uploads that data to a Toyota server via the eCall cellular connection. It's nothing to do with connectivity from your phone which is not used by Toyota for this purpose. Okay, have I got it right?
  8. That's most interesting, Geoff. According to the Corolla manual - the 668-page PDF you can download from the Toyota website - the SIM card in the car is part of the eCall emergency system. The manual goes into considerable detail between pages 69-85 explaining how this telematics system works including quite a bit of technical detail, diagrams and a flow chart showing how data is processed related to emergency calls. This content only talks about the emergency call system and makes no reference to the MyT app and data points and hybrid scoring. I did check this earlier when I first tried to fi
  9. The phone is a requirement for the car to talk to Toyota as the phone connects to a network that enables the car (the MyT app) to talk to Toyota, as @AndrueC notes. And the network connection needs to be robust and reliable to provide the data Toyota needs, as the developer pointed out in the email I referenced.
  10. I mentioned earlier that I'd emailed the My T app developer about this "Not applicable for this trip" message. I received a reply. It's interesting, here's what they say: So as I understand it, the app needs a reliable and consistent data connection during a trip in order for the app to ultimately produce hybrid coaching info. I get that. Looking at the results for trips that show the 'not applicable...' message, I can see that nearly all of them are local and I know my area suffers from poor network connectivity in some parts (and super-fast 5G in others). So when driving and the phon
  11. I learned a few things about shark fins this morning during my chat with a bodywork expert at my Toyota dealer. I'd imagined that the shark fin would be really securely affixed on the car's roof, maybe with some kind of Gorilla-like adhesive making it rigid, which is primarily why I became concerned about the seeming looseness of the one on my car roof that I discovered last week. Turns out that's not the case - the fin is attached to the roof via an attachment from the fin that goes between the roof and the headliner. The part that I thought was an adhesive mount on the roof is actually
  12. @TonyHSDgood tips. I think the legal position per Highway Code is important but when push comes to shove, metaphorically speaking, common sense wins: in this case the bloke in the Mercedes looks like he was going to merge into the lane the Toyota driver is in no matter what. The most prudent action by the Toyota driver would have been as others have suggested - slow down to let the other guy merge in front of you, put aside feelings of "why should I have to give way?". Then drive on knowing that you're a far better person than he or she is. From watching the video, I can see a potent
  13. It's frustrating especially not knowing why, or even whether things will be better in future. I've yet to hear back from the My T app developer.
  14. I did a trip today where all the performance measures show in the My T app (screenshots). This is what I used to see for every single trip. It's only recently where some trips shown in My T show the "Not applicable for this trip" message. I really would love to know what it means...
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