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  1. Hello I have got a Yaris 67 automatic model and I saw a quick video on the net which all cars have something inside the doors to let water out,on the bottom of mine there is a rubber thing and I tried turning it but nothing,I am frightened to pull it out in case I can't get it back in again,any ideas please? Thank you.
  2. Bluetooth is on and I can see it else where,I think I will wait until my son in law comes to see if he can find a solution. But thank you for your replies.
  3. Hello my yaris 2017 can see my galaxy a71 phone but it does not see my wife's galaxy a52s phone,I dis search for device but it does not find,I did list of paired devices and only found mine. Does anyone please know of a way of pairing the phone? Thank you.
  4. I am sorry but I am going to look really stupid here but I just found out it's the power output not the cigarette lighter Thank you.
  5. Yaris and I have emailed Jemca in Enfield to see what they can do but I am not expecting to hear from them. I will try what you said tomorrow. Thank you.
  6. Hello I had tyre warning light and I plugged in my portable pump but it does not turn on,I think my cigarette lighter is not working,I have looked on Google and it seems I have to take the dashboard off to do it ? Is there an easier way to replace it? Thank you.
  7. All done my daughter came down and she managed to get gold and magic for me and setup destinations on maps for me. Thank you.
  8. Hello I have just bought a Toyota/Yaris/15-VVT-i-Icon-Tech-5-Dr-Navigation automatic and i have managed to change radio to dab but i cant seem to find may stations on there,i am looking for capital gold but all i can find is caroline and the first owner has setup a few favourites,does anyone know how to get gold and get rid of favourites please? Also I want to setup some destinations on map but the previous owner has a lot of destinations setup which I need to clear,so if anyone knows how to clear destinations please? Thank you.
  9. Thank you very much I was trying under the glove box.
  10. Hello I have got an Aygo x-press 5 door automatic and the silly thing is I don't know where the bonnet release is,when I bought the car the salesman said it should be on the passenger side but I can't find it? Thank you.
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