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  1. All done my daughter came down and she managed to get gold and magic for me and setup destinations on maps for me. Thank you.
  2. Hello I have just bought a Toyota/Yaris/15-VVT-i-Icon-Tech-5-Dr-Navigation automatic and i have managed to change radio to dab but i cant seem to find may stations on there,i am looking for capital gold but all i can find is caroline and the first owner has setup a few favourites,does anyone know how to get gold and get rid of favourites please? Also I want to setup some destinations on map but the previous owner has a lot of destinations setup which I need to clear,so if anyone knows how to clear destinations please? Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much I was trying under the glove box.
  4. Hello I have got an Aygo x-press 5 door automatic and the silly thing is I don't know where the bonnet release is,when I bought the car the salesman said it should be on the passenger side but I can't find it? Thank you.
  5. Hello I traded my Auris hybrid in for an Aygo because I was worried about the cat converter getting stolen,I find the the Aygo gear changing very jerky so I am trading my Aygo in on Monday for a Yaris auto hybrid,does anyone know if a Yaris is less likely to get the cat converter stolen please? Thank you.
  6. I had a Yaris auto which I traded for the Auris because I had it a long time and never had any trouble with it,I will post next week on how I find the new Yaris. Thank you.
  7. The salesman said do a part exchange for the same money I paid for the Aygo and I am going to pay about £1700 and I will get a 68 plate Yaris hybrid with 6000 miles on the clock,I am waiting for the logbook for the Aygo to come and hopefully I will pick up the Yaris on Monday. Thank you.
  8. I told the salesman it's difficult to put it into gear and the wife can't do it at all,he said it should be touch sensitive. I spent an hour there and I said is it possible to move up to a hybrid Yaris and he spoke to his manager about it then he went to talk to another customer,so as I walked out the door I said ring me and let me know what the manager said,I got £11000 for my Auris and put another £1000 towards it,I think they might only give me about £10000 for the Aygo now. Thank you.
  9. Thank you I have just phoned Jemca and explained the problems and he said come down at 11.00 am and he will see what he can do.
  10. No did not test the Aygo and I only bought it Friday. When trying to go to the next gear it jerks and makes a noise? I am thinking of taking back today to see if I can get my money back,it also had a red roof on white car and red a few other places,I saw on Saturday white spots on the red roof and when I looked the wife says she thinks it's vinyl,I rang the body shop at Enfield Toyota and the manager said he will speak to the warranty people. Thank you.
  11. Hello I bought a 68 plate auto Aygo from Jemca Enfield with 1450 miles on the clock but I find I have to really press down really hard on the break to put it in gear,when I drive I find the gear changing is jerky and the salesman said you might find it jerky because the car is lighter than the Auris I part exchanged, does anyone think this right? Thank you.