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  1. Thanks Konrad. When you fitted the washers, is there a risk that the screws will fall into the door so you need to remove the door panel to hold it down when !Removed! it back on? Hope this makes sense. Regards, Rob
  2. Hi Konrad, Did the washers stop spreading the cracks and when removing the nut on the screw, does it fall inside the door or stays in place so you can easily fit the washer? Thanks and Regards, Rob
  3. Thanks, much appreciated
  4. Thanks Konrad. Mine still holds the original belt too but I wonder how long will a 11 year old belt last so like yourself, either change now or carry one as spare just in case. Thanks for the instructions re change, is suspected this will be the case.
  5. Hi All, I know this was already raised but thought I refresh the subject. I am looking at replacing the fan belt on my 1.8 T27 avensis. What experience did you have had with replacing this part, any makes worth recommending etc.? I know most will say buy Bando but they are not so common with conti, gates and dayco dominating the market. From what I have seen the genuine replacement is made by Mitsuboshi but the difference in prise makes me look at alternatives. Did you guys experience any "squealing" after using non genuine belt? Suspect 6PK1230 is the one for AC version. Replacement looks straight forward as no tensioner is present so just loosen the alternator? Thanks and Regards,
  6. I get the same marks on my blue / grey avensis so I share your pain
  7. The screw itself, most likely screws into a plastic clip. That's how they normally fit. Plastic clip snaps into a hole in the body. As you screw the screw in, it expands the clip and holds it tight - if that makes sense. If you remove both screws, nothing in theory should fall down as the clips should stay in place (unless these are damaged)
  8. If attached to the roof bars, them my advise would be Thule.
  9. Hi, what's the update on the oil consumption. Did WD40 do the trick. Interesting to see some long term results. Thanks and Regards,
  10. Robert81

    t27 Headlamps

    Hi, just checked and it is as follows: "0" = no lights - all off "auto" = side lights and low beam when dark (for both, side and low beam) "parking lights" = side lights, "low beam" = side lights + low beam permanently. Hope this helps.
  11. Robert81

    t27 Headlamps

    I my opinion option 1 is the correct way. I will check when the car gets back as I have the same auto lights option
  12. Robert81

    Leaks Database

    Please look up a "wheeler dealer" episode where they were fixing up an Aston Martin. They had the rubber seals gone on it and fixed it with some silicon seal which you push into the rubber seal itself. Might not be relevant but worth looking into it.
  13. Hm...perhaps an option would be to look for a second hand engine but then you have a quite high chance that it will have the same issue as I believe this is quite common on the 2.4. Did you go to a mechanic to check the compression levels? Also do you get any check engine lights on the dash?
  14. Sorry to hear the sad news. My friend has exactly the same issue. Avensis 2.4 high oil consumption. I think it is a common issue on these models.
  15. I bet the safety latch located under the bonnet is corroded so it does not move freely (the spring is unable to push it back to its lock position) so basically the latch stays constantly open. When I bought my avensis I have noticed mine did the same. Had to clean, lubricate and make it move a lot to make it move nicely. Having said that, that still does not explain how the main lock (located on chassis) did let go of the bonnet. Glad to hear nobody got injured.