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  1. After surviving without my satnav unit during lockdown, I am now in need of a working radio and satnav system. I have found some used units with the same part number on eBay. Theres even a video showing how to replace it. Before I buy it on eBay and try the replacement, I wanted to ask what code is required. Many of the sellers report the product is sold with no code. What does that mean?
  2. Hmm! It was working perfectly fine until the battery went flat. What are the odds of dvd drive going bad at the same time as the battery going flat?
  3. No question is stupid 😀. The Map DVD is inserted in the right slot. It was working before the battery went flat. The Map DVD is original DVD that came with the car. I have included a pic above. I did try an after market DVD that did not work either. Any other suggestions?
  4. My Toyota Avensis 2.2 D-4D T180 5dr has a B9010 Navigation System. Recently, it had a flat battery due to non-usage over Christmas. I got it jump started after which, the Navigation system and the Radio does not turn on. The navigation system takes a Map DVD Navigation Disc that is in working condition. I went through this forum for similar topics and was advised the following: 1. Unplug the negative on the battery for a few minutes. Apply the brakes a few times to discharge. Plug the negative back on and turn on ignition 2. Unplug the positive on the battery. Leave it overnight. Plug it back in and turn on ignition 3. Unplug both positive and negative on the battery. Leave it for a few hours. Plug them back on and turn on ignition None of the above worked. I even got an after market navigation update dvd and a new battery. I doubt that these will help me. Any other options you can suggest without breaking the bank?? Please help
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