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  1. I use the cigar plug to charge my phone so ACP does not deplete it on a long trip. My Dongle enables ACP. Built-in Charge Pads only maintain phone charge level & the Phone can get hot on a long journey. Tel
  2. Too true but my Lexus controls downhill slopes with Cruise better on the same route where there is not sufficient roadway length to see how quickly the X or,indeed,the Lexus returns to set speed as you quickly enter a 30 mph zone. The X Auto is relatively heavy and will take a touch longer to return to set speed smoothly. Tel
  3. Our Chilli X continues to receive positive comments from many people, most think it is a new Yaris. The Bonnet release is on the drivers side, the 2 front wipers are far more efficient & the Media screen, to date, free of finger marks, despite constant use of ACP. The Cruise Control is impressive but struggles on down-hill sections, the turning circle is excellent & the Collision Prevention visual is now in one inch high RED letters across the Speedo screen. Tel
  4. 300 mile Report, Remain Chuffed, Just returned from a 40 mile journey into the hilly Derbyshire Countryside & achieved 65.5 mpg in auto echo-mode that reflects the last 10 miles when traffic was heavy. The Autobox smoothness, even up steep hills, improves with age whilst the ride remains lively on poor roads. Handling is excellent. Tel
  5. Our situation mirrors yours as we could not even buy the very last Aygo MMT,s that were available as demonstrators in January for a model that was no longer built. Consequently, we ordered an Aygo X Auto on February the 8th. & received it on the 20th. of May following a Transit 2mm. chip repair that took 10 days to fix. The Auto X is well worth waiting for & is a Yaris clone in many respects. Tel
  6. Dealer rang-------no Touch -up paints available for the X currently. Tel
  7. Toyota do 2 Chilli Reds which I assume are further described by code numbers as the Yaris I saw was Post Box Red & ours is more Burgundy.Make sense now? Tel
  8. Just ordered the cargo net for the Boot & apparently there are 2 Toyota Chilli Reds so ensure you order the 2022 version. Secondly, the Bonnet Stay is interesting, as when it is in the parked position, it can so easily be rattled to a surprising degree.The car is built so well that it easily mirrors my Lexus & this Stay cannot be heard when driving. Nevertheless, I have used rubber pieces to reduce movement. Tel
  9. No Dashcam is a surprise & I am carrying a can of Tyre Repair gunge for emergency needs. I am waiting for a black rear bumper protection strip as I am not a fan df clear film. Having said that, all door edges are protected with clear film Tel
  10. Well worth the wait. The X is an entirely new Toyota model from the B-Post forward. What Dealer fitted Options have you ordered ? Tel
  11. Check your tyre pressures . Ours were set 10% high. Tel
  12. The Aygo Trend had plastic location tabs that were secure in a breeze when the Hatch was open. The new cover flaps in the slightest puff of wind .Both are Fabric. The X sill protection strip is half the width of that fitted to the Trend. X Ride is lively on Urban Routes which is exceptional for the fitted 18" wheels. Latest mpg from urban/City spirited driving 55 which is much better than the previous Trend. Tel
  13. From Handover Bay " til today, the X experience is ultra Yarisesque littered with Safety Features that ensure you keep concentration at all times----travelling between a parked van & fast on-coming traffic, the stupid van driver suddenly tries to enter his vehicle prompting the X to smoothly deviate away from the Incident. The X has 2 Key Fobs,the front doorsill cover is barely decorative & the parcel shelf is now held by an elastic cord loop. You sit higher than all saloon cars & the Auto works a treat . Milage 15 as of today. Connectivity is rapid for ACP etc. & the Toyota Protect ceramic application, which covers the fancy wheels too, is guaranteed for 5 years & reads well provided you do not read the small print. Bank Vault tight,Factory Fresh,the X needs milage to extract its potential. Tel
  14. Collection later today & I will tell you what the Super Guard Spec covers remembering that the bumpers are integral to the bodywork so only the glass is doubtful . Tel
  15. Decided on a Super Guard Ceramic Dealer Application as the car is hardly ever garaged & the process ensures both Body & Trim are spot-on. Tel
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