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  1. My Excel AWD,in scarlet flare with City Pack, was c.34K & the Pano roof with Black Alloys would have cost c.35.5 K but those Options were suddenly deleted. The Lexus UX equivalent was 50k I am convinced my LBX will be well over 40k but will it be that much better than my current Excel & the revised Excel coming soon ? Tel
  2. My Excel Cross has ventilated front seats. A cardboard/ plastic 2-way valve is attached to the underside of seat. Mod extensively fitted in Lexus cars. Tel
  3. The Cross Revision in late 2024 will have some of the LBX up-grades so the LBX price will be nearer 40k for a good spec. Tel
  4. The Cross Revision in late 2024 will have some of the LBX up-grades so the LBX price will be nearer 40k for a good spec. Tel
  5. Don. My Nav starts up automatically & then is layered -over by my Dongle-based Car Play. It is not subscription based & can be up-dated via the On board menu. Therefore your notes infer a Dealer Visit. Tel
  6. AWD kicks-in multiple times dependant on road surface conditions & how one drives. Fuel consumption is good & there are a couple of Pre-programmed Systems that ensure AWD is beneficial. Tel
  7. Your comment Paul reminds me of my initial reaction to my new Honda Accord. All previous British Leyland cars had hard plastic mouldings running along the lower dash yet the Honda equivalent was effectively a type of cardboard. The Honda however was much more refined & its nylon fasteners never came loose like the BL screwed in panels. My Lexi all had the rubber band & never caused an issue in 20 years! Tel
  8. As above, noting the AWD version has the more sophisticated rear suspension that improves with time. My previous Lexus cars all had AVS that was butter smooth on the crap uk highways . My AWD was initially almost too firm but over the last few weeks has become more refined. Converted to a 2 seater recently & was impressed how refined it was with the rear seats down. Tel
  9. Check with the crate dimensions. Tel
  10. Use Carplay, with Wireless Dongle, & use Siri &/or CarPlay for all Journeys. Best bit is the Apple CarPlay screen is better quality than even the latest 60 K Lexus NX. Tel
  11. Reading the LBX Specification it is far more Cross than I expected & boast that they will offer over 300000 variants such is the Sales Pallet on offer. Price will be key. Tel
  12. Assume Toyota has noted our discussions & the next Cross will have the bigger engine, complete Smart door locking System with lock cover etcetera. Thusly Paint will stay in the cupboard for the next 18 months. Tel
  13. Since 1999 I have had 9 Lexus whist my Lady has had 6 Toyota. My AWD Cross is no. 7 & I have posted pictures of mine on this Forum & my Panels are perfect. My Boot Floor is solid & the Front Doors clunk without any modification. The Red body colour is stunning & the Build Quality is excellent. Toyota NVH is no match for Lexus but is on a par with most cars bellow 70 mph. Tel
  14. Plush Yaris Cross. If the AWD Version. with all the Options. is sub 40k I will be surprised. Tel
  15. Not doing it. Stuck black insulation tape on to see effect. Hid the lock . Lexus use a Stainless Steel Plate to hide their locks. Tel
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