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  1. I use Apple Car Play all the time in both cars. Its Rerouting Feature is impressive & is ignored @ your peril. Tel ,
  2. For 3 years your mats are covered by Warranty. Never had an issue with Luxury Mats. Tel
  3. Needlefelt carpet material was all the rage in the 70's & was lauded as stain-free, hard wearing & warm underfoot. Cost for this synthetic material was NOT cheap. I fitted said Kingfisher Blue carpet in our Nursery & a Black mat at the entrance door. The door mat is still in use & looks pristine. Aygo X carpet is Kid & Dog proof too & will easily out last your rubber mats which spoil the Interior look anyway. Tel
  4. Bored waiting for my Lady in a Super Market Car Park, yards away from Danger, I tested my Horn. Lady near-by nearly collapsed,numerous Punters looked & I was impressed. Tel
  5. ACP has the best Nav interface & Siri warns about Speeding & Speed Cameras. In the X, my Cigar Lighter Charger easily increases charge whilst powering ACP---+ 30% on a 15 mile trip. In my NX, the car Charge Pad maintains my Phone charge level when using ACP. The Wifi Dongle in the Lexus connects in 30 seconds & 45 seconds in the X Never ever have ACP off. Tel
  6. Does ACP auto-connect & work perfectly ? If so ,what does the Cloud give you that I assume is about signal quality & strength which is obviously. poor in your domain. Doubt X is @ fault. Tel
  7. My Mats are luxury Aygo X factory fitted over synthetic carpet that offers numerous NVH properties. What did you expect in a modern car ? Tel
  8. Up- Grading was not an issue when Lexus replaced my new car----obviously I paid additional money. The current Chilli X is lovely except for a cosmetic bonnet issue that has been resolved. In 4 months time you will get a lovely Chilli X. No change really. I am just saying I would reward my frustration by choosing the LTD X Auto & have a second phase of excitement of awaiting the delivery. Roof is no issue to me & is perfect for remotely venting cabin heat. If I was really confident the Aygo X could be a Continental Cruiser, zero issues to date on Motorway spurts, the need for 2 cars is no longer necessary. Tel
  9. The only Option you could have considered was a Limited Model as the roof has received positive reviews & the wheels are Black. Chilli is best but the Green Spice is ok. Auto Limited would be my choice. Tel
  10. Not evident @ handover so clearly a difficult issue to detect. Have you ordered Chilli Auto again ? Perfect resolution for you. The Dealer on behalf of GB should replace the car & the Dealer fitted Options. Tel
  11. Open bleed nipple a touch & use preferably a flat metal bar to push each piston flush. Tel
  12. Bobby, What is stopping you fitting yours? Tel
  13. Despite my Dealer informing me my Mouldings were available to fit anytime it was convenient for me the earliest available slot was this coming Monday. Pre-Pandemic, My Dealer would fit them on the Delivery Day. Always fold our mirrors away from the house as Plebs tend not to notice them. Find the X is difficult to Hide in Car Parks too as, on more than one occasion, one has parked next to me when there are hundreds of more convenient spaces available. Tel
  14. The X Edge Auto model choice(with sensors) lacks for nothing, is smooth & much easier to drive than my Manual Aygo."s. Would love Folding Mirrors & rear coat hooks though. Mpg c.55 on Asda E10. Tel
  15. Please post Link to Parts King as I have failed to find the Site which is on this Forum. Thanks in advance. Terry
  16. Will be fitted this week by my Dealer. £70 plus 30 minute Labour. £120 Chuffed. Tel
  17. Bobs. Thank you Let you know what my Dealer Charges, Tel ,
  18. Bobby, Have you a link to the door moulding pictures & how much did they cost please ? Terry
  19. Hand Brake , gear selector is too far away. Weather is perfect for fitting your mouldings that I assume have templates to indicating placement? Tel
  20. I thought you were getting door protection strips so I could see if this inclusion enhanced the X looks. looks like the arm rest interferes with the hand brake. Tel
  21. My X Insurance does not show Transmission Data so I rang them to check if our Auto was specified & it is, I asked them why some Customers are being denied Insurance for the X & was told the System can take weeks to Up-Date when new models launch. I rang in April to ensure the X Auto cost was reasonable & had no issues whatsoever in May when agreeing the Policy. £230. Tel
  22. Bobby, Direct Line insured ours which is an Auto X so the above Post is incorrect. Who are you insured with currently ,aren't they competitive ? Tel
  23. X continues to impress. Did an 80 mile trip into the Derbyshire Dales including driving through a heavy rain storm between Bakewell & Buxton. Auto- air conditioning , DAB & ACP are the default settings & reception "in the wilds" equalled the City. The Auto is impressive & the turning circle is a boon. 56.5 mpg on Asda E10. Chuffed. Tel
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