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  1. Hi! I had a 1.8 liter petrol verso before my new 2.2 d4D 177hp verso and as far as I know the light comes when there is about 10 liters left. According to the cars onboard computer when it says that the range is 0 km I have manaed to go for atleast 30 km before refueling, this is, however, not a certainity since the range varies from time to time. At that time I managed to get 57 litres in the tank, so having in mind that the tank is 6o litres and atleast 2-3 litres is in the fuellines, I´d say that I had atleast 30 left until completely With the new clean power diesel I can go for atleast 60km when the range is 0km.
  2. updated my avatar pic, to the current car... sorry, it´s dirty in the pic....
  3. Just placed an order for a new corolla verso with the new diesel 177 hp 400Nm engine :D With all available TTE extras and 19" Wheels from my excisting car... Alessio Spider 19" with 235/35/19 tires. Have a 2005 Verso 1.8 linea sol now, but that thing simply is too lazy... Traded in my CTS in february this year for this one, but after 6 months and 20k km I have had it... Poor mileage, lousy acceleration, slow in every way, has no torque.... shall I keep on going? :D This all will change, however, when I get my new toy :D Tested the 177 hp avesis yesterday and OH MY GOD is it fun to drive, it is really fast!!!! And since it is a diesel, it really does not matter if you accelerate in 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th gear, still fast as hell!!!! I got wheelspin in third gear on dry tarmac with it..... (don´t tell the retailer since it only had 80 km on it..... )
  4. Why would you want that? Higher revs wont give you more power... not unless you have the engine modified (not talking about exhaust or inductionkit). The way to go is to get a chip that will be programmed on a rolling road and adapted to your mods on your car. but getting higher revs out of a standard engine won´t lead to anything but a f**ked up engine.... the rev limiter is there for a reason on a standard engine.
  5. Just add a turbo and a wastegate and you´re settled for a lot of pshhh-action ;) Won´t be cheap thouhg..... cheapest will be to download a car-flick that features a turbo car and cut out the sound from it and burn a cd full of it and blast it in your stereo ;) lovely sound, wouldn´t mind mine sounding like that :D
  6. Since the side airbags are located inside the seats, the removal of the seats will be a lot more difficult or atleast illegal since they affect the security or crash-impact-protection of the car. Atleast this is the case here in Finland, if the car has side-airbags as standard and all models in the same model-range have them, then it is illegal to remove them.... but impossible, no that it isn´t ;) afterall, it is illegal to exceed the speeding limit aswell, and as we all know that is a thing we all do at some point or another in our lives... ;) Have to agree though, the seats in a standard corolla are crap. If you don´t have a TSport model you could always try to find some seats from a Tsport since they would have the same base and the airbags.
  7. new Tsport Rolla is due in September, but might be that it gets delayed until November..... thats what i heard from a friend who works for Toyota Finland.... pics of it here in the forum so I am not going to post them.... but does look good =)
  8. Been away for a while... but got one too... quicksilver in colour =)
  9. Toyota suggests that you change the oil after 1000-3000km just to make sure there aren´t any residues of metal in the engine when you start trashing it. I got it for free, but I guess thats just a matter of negotiation.
  10. Here´s the partnumber and price for it here in Finland, should be same part no anywhere but the price might vary.... And yes, it comes through your local Toyota dealer frontspoiler PZ439-E9441-AB 272EUR
  11. The pic on the left is an avatar, which you can put there by simply going to your controls, and writing down the URL to a pic you wanna use or uploading the pic. As to the splitters, I think what you mean is the TTE front spoiler which looks like a splitter, well probably is, but goes by name spoiler. It fits under the original front bumper and extends it downwards and forward a bit. BTW. Nice wheels you got there!!!! :)
  12. 225/30/19 is the right size, or close to standard anyway. http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html is a great site which Imek had posted in another thread a while back. speedo indicated 100 km/h actual speed 99.5km/h so its damn accurate
  13. Not bad at all, was a helluva lot worse in my previous car with lowering and 215/40zr17. It´s not especially noisy, then again the cts is quite quiet so that helps, but the ride isn´t as hard as you would espect. It´s something i recommend for everyone, the tiresize/lowering combo, makes a huge difference both in looks and performance. Corneringspeeds are incredible now, friends can´t believe it when they ride with me... Haven´t even had the vsc bleeping yet, and I have been pushing it.... :D
  14. Then I´ll definitely have to get those 19"... or 20" ;P Shame about the price on those size wheels&tyres though.... a bit hefty... :(
  15. Yup ,currently running 215/35. With 19" would have to go lower still to get the circumference right, but don´t know the size yet.
  16. Can´t see why there would be any problems with going bigger.... just as long as you keep it reasonable and keep the same overall circumference there shouldn´t be any problems. Been thinking of getting a set of 19" coz the 18" look fairly small.... well maybe once I get the bodykit fitted it looks a bit better with the 18´s but going that extra inch won´t be wrong... just ask any girl ;) lol
  17. Nice motor m8! What have you done under the hood? Curious to know since I´m looking to get some more power too.... (just like any other here... :D )
  18. http://www.sit.fi/~framlink/ pics of mine with 18" plus lowering
  19. Mine has 18" wheels, can´t say if it´s slower or not coz I haven´t tested mine with original sized ones, except in winter. The correct size that is closest to the original is 215/35/18 so with 205/45 you shoud get atleast the speedo indicating a lot wrong.... With 215/35 however the speedo indicates the same as standard because it has the same overall circumference as the standard tires. As what comes to weight, my 18" with tires were just as heavy as my 16" with wintertyres (50grams lighter infact) so the weight shouldn´t make it slower. So imho get the car with 18", but change the tyres, wit overallprofile of 35 the tyrewalls are a lot lower and has less rubber, hence lighter than ones with 45 profile. With 205/45 it might seem faster according to the speedo, coz the speedo would indicate 60mph when in fact going only 55 or so.... Advantages: better grip, higher cornering speeds, looks Disadvantages: bumpier ride, higher tyrewear, higher fuelconsumption ( a little) pics here: http://www.sit.fi/~framlink/
  20. 56k modem no way!! Surfin' from my work and we had 10M line in/out! So that is not possible! Maybe your company has got a firewall that is a bit too picky... Mine was, helped when I turned it off. It does look great the kit.... something like that needed for my CTS aswell....
  21. So true... a bike is a bike... not even a 1000bhp supra would have anything to say against e.g. lespaul66´s bike.... A car can be fast, f''ckin fast even, but no match for a bike
  22. Had mine done at the harbour when the car arrived before transport to the local Toyota dealer I got it from. Cost was approx 430 euros. It is original spec so it should be reliable. It has three speeds that you can program into it´s memory for easy control. Great gadget though, don´t know how I managed without one before..... It has saved me a couple of speeding tickets already.... Just have to remember to switch it on.... ;)
  23. There has been topics about this previously, as for the corolla tsport it is only the vsc and trc that calibrates themselves. So it is nothing to worry about :)
  24. Mine too... lowered that is. I think that it is not even an option to leave it standard, too high and too loose, in my opinion any way ;)
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