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  1. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Sorry ,it will not move in p
  2. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Yes it goes to n and will move
  3. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Used snap on ultra scanner poa63. 72,, 75,,,78,,, 7a,,, ef ,,,p3222. Seemed to have some bad grounds which I fixed. Don't know think inverter pump was running but it is now
  4. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Battery is good,, tryed the 7.5 fuse work around no codes
  5. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Gen 2 2007, 146 k miles
  6. Zekedog21

    P lock

    Car won't start ,screen says p lock problem, showing about 9 amp draw with power button pushed, won't go to ready mode all warning lights on and triangle