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  1. Just had a call from my dealer and they can't update the car to Apple CarPlay. They have been told this is delayed till October now. They can only deal with cars that already have Apple CarPlay already installed. Really upset about this, I took a day off work as they said this will be the correct update for my car.
  2. Some good news, I contacted my local dealership, regarding the update of Apple CarPlay. The manager called me back yesterday saying the upgrade is now available and all I need to do it contact the service department for an appointment. I was able to book for this morning and my car is now having the upgrade. My car is 2019 RAV4. will update you when I get the car back later today.
  3. Thank you for the update guys. I just called my local Toyota and they are saying the same. They are waiting for an update from Toyota as to when the release will happen.
  4. Is there any update on the RAV4 Apple CarPlay upgrade. When can we start booking?