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    Gear Box Problem

    If anyone knows a good garage in the Berkshire area and any good gearboxes going cheap please let me know. Thanks
  2. ghecko

    Gear Box Problem

    OK about 3 months after getting my car last year (Bought for £3,200 Non tubby but with K&N Air Filter, Air Con etc etc ). I started to have an issue with third gear. 8 months later the problem is still there exactly the same and I'm fed up with it. I've changed the oil in the gearbox and also changed the bushes from rubber to metal(bearings) and no change (Apart from slightly tighter gears). I took it to some friend of the family machanic who said it would cost 1k to look at the gear box as its so hard to take out. The symptoms are as follows: When I go from 2nd or 4th to 3rd is makes a very quick crunching sort of noise - not too loud and last less than 1/2 of a second. Moving into 3rd it seems as though something is out of line somewhere but the noise also seems to come from the gear stick not behind where the gearbox is. I have also found that if I move into 3rd slightly to the right of center it goes in fine - also slowness of changing helps too. The problem has never gotten any worse - doesn't effect any other gears and everythiong else runs like a dream. I am looking to upgrade soon to a tubby however I feel that I'm going to have a lot of trouble selling a car with the fault. Does anyone have A) Any ideas what it could be, and B) Whats going to be the best way to deal with it. I don't want to spend 1k so someone can look at the gearbox and say it all looks fine must be something else. I've been toying with the idea of selling private and seeing what the reaction is from private sellers, but don't want to look like a tit when they ask whats up with 3rd gear sometimes. Selling part ex and get crap money for it. Or trying to find someone who can diagnose the problem for less than 1k Any help appreciated guys. Ta
  3. ghecko

    Help Please

    Couple of questions if anyone can help. Firstly can anyone recommend some good thick gearbox oil and how easy it it to replace this. Secondly I have purchased some new gear linkage bushes/bearings and need to know wherabouts you can reach the old ones to replace them. Any step by step for dummies appreciated... I'm doing all of this to try to alleviate an annoying crunch every time the car goes into 3rd gear until it happens to be warmed up.... Thanks all
  4. It sold for more than an unsmashed one the other day :)
  6. Yeah I just saw that too - sorry its Googles Ads not my control I'm afraid - I'm suprised they are allowed to sell it. LOL on the souls - I'll be adding each day so I'll keep a look out for you :)
  7. I've just set up my first weblog if anyones into funny auctions hope you like it :)
  8. Yeah - thats why I love O2 - always buy phones from them! The mobile companies tie you down to a 12 month contract to their network - why on earth would they let you unlock your phone and take your business elsewhere? After the 12 months is up the phone belongs to you and you can do what you like with it but in those 12 months the phone is the property of the service provider (someone correct me if thats wrong - that is what I was led to believe) ← I can correct you but I dont want to seem like I'm taking the p1ss - but the phone is your property as soon as you leave the shop - but you have to honour the 12 month contract - as thats what pays the phones subsidised costs :) They don't care if you unlock the phone its just not in their best interest - however they still get the 12 months line rental at a high price to cover the phone regardless.
  9. Yes you do there is no legal standing to say that a phone can not be unlocked. ← Sorry... let me re-phrase for clarity. To answer the original question - legally a phone can be locked, and there is no legal standing which states you have the right to have this unlocked for free. IF you can have this done (assuming the phone is your property) whether for a fee or free of charge, then that is of course is fine. better :) ← Yep 100% correct sorry mate thought you meant unlocking a phone was illegal :)
  10. Yes you do there is no legal standing to say that a phone can not be unlocked.
  11. They do unlocks 100% free here and discuss options etc.. free mobile phone unlocking
  12. Yeah the Fatboy vid rocks too :)
  13. Well I'm pretty gutted to be honest - this day will be one of those, where were you when he died type of events - this is a big part of history guys I for one think he was a great leader and will be missed immensely.
  14. This is one strong guy
  15. Down Reading way - if thats you in your avatar your welcome to pop down :)
  16. What is it about the MR2 N/A and tubby it seems that I keep on finding poor souls who have had crashes and spins nearly every day - are these cars inherentley more dangerous to drive especially in the wet than other rear wheel drive cars ? My misses is crapping herself as she keeps hearing these horror stories and thinks I'm going to be next.
  17. Anyone go this fast in their tubby's :)
  18. How easy is it to get scratches etc touched up - can any garage do this, big costs ? and can it be done whilst waiting or do you have to lose your car for a few days. The scratches I'm talking about are not massive or too deep I just don't want to leave em being vain
  19. I live in Reading so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled - little b4astards sorry to hear it mate.
  20. Doesn't make a difference mate. Remove the ECU, and you won't have a hope in hell of starting the engine :D ← Can you point me to any instructions for the removal please.
  21. Won't removing the battery - stop the alarm :)
  22. Anyone have any good tips on things to remove from an engine so the alarm still works to stop the car starting - thinking about doing this when off on holiday and would appeciate any tips anyone can give for what to remove with the least hassle.
  23. ghecko

    Induction Kit

    Yeah I think he still has the original filter so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  24. ghecko

    Induction Kit

    Can I ask how its real hard to add but easy to remove ?