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  1. Thanks flash22 got some new usb sticks today and loaded music on and all good.
  2. Just tried a usb stick with music on formated ExFat and not recognised,reformatted to NTFS and sill not recognised , On the touch screen USB is greyed out, and ideas welcome.
  3. I received the following email from our Toyota Main Dealer today regarding Batterys going flat. Vehicle Maintenance Tip The majority of us, with the exception of key workers, are now isolating at home and only venturing out for basic essentials, which means that our cars are parked and being rarely used – if at all. If your car has not been used for two weeks the last thing you’ll want to worry about is a flat battery! We’re experiencing a few customer issues directly related to this and you may want to consider starting your car every few days and allowing the engine to run for ten to fifteen minutes to top up the charge. The car does not need to be taken out on to the road, should not be in a garage or confined space and for security it should not be left unattended. If you have two cars in the family it may be worth alternating between vehicles when you do venture out for essential reasons. To be clear, we’re not advocating wasting fuel or polluting the environment – just trying to help with the unnecessary hassle of charging or replacing your battery. I hope that this once a week inconvenience will save you considerably more time and hassle when life returns to some form of normality.
  4. Hi I am taking delivery of my first Toyota on Friday and also my first Hybrid, I have had various diesel automatics for years now but the dreaded dpf regens are getting a joke now so made the decision o go to a petrol hybrid.