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  1. I have a 20 plate aygo and in 3rd through 5th below 3000rpm it does feel a bit sluggish especially going uphill. I’ve done 5000 miles in it now and you soon learn to adjust your driving style to suit.
  2. At the moment, we’re in the process of moving and staying with in-laws I’m commuting about 50 miles each way on dual carriageway and motorway. averaging about 55mpg, the only thing I will say is you have to anticipate hills when driving in 5th gear to keep up with traffic.
  3. I think some of the dealers offer good loyalty, I bought a 2nd hand non Toyota from my current aygo dealer several years ago. Which had numerous issues with turbos and the service I got from them was exceptional. hence why I bought my new aygo from them.
  4. Just as an update, I took the car into the dealer feeling the socket was the problem, I’ve just bought a quite short higher quality cable and it now seems to be behaving itself.
  5. Hi I have a 20 plate aygo x trend and a Apple iPhone 11. I have tried numerous brand new usb cables, and the satnav ( both Apple and google maps) and Spotify will randomly cut out with bends, bumps and sometimes just at random. it kicks back in again after 30 secs, but if you’re relying on the sat nag it’s a bit of a problem. Does anyone else have similar problems??
  6. Reading your thread, with interest as I bought an indentical x trend. I think the wing mirrors, and the interior mods I might do at some point to mine. thanks for showing us your updates.
  7. Hi Paul, I just ordered my x trend too for the same reasons. I opted for the Toyota protection pack as I wanted the boot liner and the rear mud flaps to try and keep some of the muck off the back screen.
  8. Tel, I took an x-cite for a test drive and I was pleasantly impressed with the drive and handling. Quite a fun little car, so I decided to order an x trend which has everything I need.
  9. Hello, My old car (Berlingo) decided to give up the ghost after 130,000 miles. I no longer needed a vehicle of the same size and my daily commute has dropped to circa 7 miles a day. I decided to opt for a new Aygo, as it felt nicer to drive than the current Yaris. Quite a fun little car to hurtle round A/B roads Pick up the new car in a few weeks, looking forward to it.
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