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  1. oisin2222


    Hi I have a 2014 1.4 diesel wit 160 000 km on it I want to tow a small trailer with a quad on the back what is the max weight I can tow with it will I damage the car thanks
  2. Hi I have a 1.4 diesel auris and I need Get some work done to it I’m just wondering what are more expensive 2 front coil springs or 2 front shocks And is it more expensive for 2 rear shocks or 2 rear coil springs thanks lads
  3. oisin2222

    Glow plugs

    Hi I need to put 4 new glow plugs into my car it’s a 141 d 24740 1.4 diesel what are the best plow plugs out their for the car thanks
  4. What would they be called to try find the ring I presume I can just screw off the old and screw on the new
  5. oisin2222


    Thanks lads sound bunch
  6. oisin2222


    Hi it’s diesel 1.4
  7. oisin2222


    Hi I have an auris just serviced oil and filter 225 km ago 3 days ago and oil already looking like this please can I have help
  8. Iv a 2014 auris diesel and the silver ring on knob is worn down anyone know if it can be replaced because it doesent liook nice worn down and anyone know of where I could get one cheap if they are expensive thanks
  9. You can see here this is my Toyota auris and my Toyota Corolla both 1.4 diesel why does the Toyota Corolla start up a lot easier than the auris IMG_3764.MP4 IMG_3763.MP4
  10. Ya it starts the same even if it has been running 10 or 15 minutes or so when i turn the key to the position to start it Iv to hold it for a couple of seconds it craks like normal but doesent start up for a few seconds it’s about 5 degrees celcious
  11. Hi I have a Toyota auris 1.4 diesel aura 2014 model 1.4 diesel and it is quite slow to start the engine when I turn the key on for the starter it always takes a few seconds or i can hear it turn 6 times or so and it will start I’m only after buying the car and the first 3 months all parts of the car are covered so if their is a problem I can get it fixed and they will pay the guarage as we are very far apart what could it be thanks any help is appreciated
  12. Hi this is a pic below of the inside of my car would you be able to show me what touchscreen radio I can put into it thanks
  13. hi I have a 2014 Toyota auris 1.4 diesel aura model it has the button radio with the standard blue screen radio I want to try upgrade this radio to the bigger screen which comes on the luna model can I do so with this car thanks