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  1. I'm not Toyota adept like you and your wife are. My disappointment was manufactured by high fuel consumption, not by myself. You posted the data from technically different car and hybrid power train. Absolutely pointless.
  2. Still, the way they hooked be to by this car was 65 mpg promise. So it was just a trick to attract naive customers. The reality is always different from propaganda on the mass media:)
  3. My situation looks exactly as you described. Yesterday my wife did 40 mile trip, consisted from mix of country roads and traffic jams in the small towns. She managed to get 52 mpg. It looks like that my problem is short distances I travel and may be my right feet. Thank you guys for discussion an useful comments. Now I figured out whats happening, and definitely there is no need to challenge the dealer.
  4. I own the car for three weeks. I've done so far 266 miles on both motorway and town roads. I do usually 5-10 mile trips in town. My fuel consumption so far on Eco and Normal modes has been 27-29 mpg. My own calculation shows that fuel consumption for the last 130 miles was 23 litres. Driving conditions: ACC on, heating on +21-22, average air temp for the last 3 weeks in the area +5 -7 C. Nowhere near advertised 65 mpg, or owner posted (122?) MPG here. Could you guys advise me on my problem? Should I go to the main dealer A.S.A.P?