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  1. I agree its not to be relied upon in everyday driving, I am just not sure its braking at all or if it should do. its very difficult to test it out
  2. I have a 2.0 sports tourer new last week of jan 21, its done 36000 about 58000 km, is mine the highest miles ? 😀 I like driving it long distances, but only average about 47mpg, doesnt help that it is always fully laden
  3. sorry for late update main dealer had it and recalibrated everything Still not sure if it works correctly, it does now give an audible and visual warning (says Brake in red on dash) but it doesnt brake for me. I am not sure wether it should brake or not, my previous car ( focus) did auto apply brakes to avoid a collision does anyone know for sure if it should brake, it will be back in the dealers in couple of months as I do high mileage
  4. no never driven any Golf...driven a Seat Leon MK3 ( i dont know the equivalent golf) and thats way quiter
  5. Thanks, I wasnt aware of a sensor behind the badge, I have looked and can see a couple of connectors, so do suspect that is the problem...the car is a company lease car , they are aware that FMG had the bumper off ( at least i told them when i called, but they probably didnt listen ) but they said they will book it in at main dealer
  6. FMG car was hit while parked, offside wing and headlight replaced, bumper removed and resprayed
  7. I had just had the bumper replaced 2 days before so thought it might have something to do with that but from what I can gather the systems work from the camera in the windscreen so the bumper replacement shouldnt have made any difference, does that make sense
  8. cant help but can say the corolla is the noisiest car I have had in years, I had an MG HS (large cheap SUV)on hire a week or so ago and that was quieter than my corrolla
  9. Thanks, there wasnt any ice and it is going in next wednesday, I just assumed that after it cleared it would be working again, so thought I would test it out ...driving carefully of course
  10. Yep i get plenty of wheel spin in my 2.0....whats Eco mode 😮
  11. Had both of these come on the other day , with a warning to take to dealer. next time i started the car up they had both gone so thought nothing of it untill today when i realised the collision sytem isnt working ( got very close to car in front), Car is now booked in for next week , is this a common problem and what is it likely to be
  12. Thanks, I have reported( in my post above yours) that its fixed, they replaced the whole unit and sealed it and bumper has been replaced
  13. Update front bumper now replaced by toyota UK, not sure if I will hear of the test results from the inspection they do on the removed bumper but if I do i will update on here. The phone noise heard by the recipient of my calls is fixed...microphone/map light unit replaced . Road noise is still there of course , tyre pressures are correct, guess I will have to live with that
  14. Toyota GB are going to replace my front bumper so they can determine the cause of the stone chips poor paint bad batch external influences ie flying stones
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