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  1. Thanks, I have reported( in my post above yours) that its fixed, they replaced the whole unit and sealed it and bumper has been replaced
  2. Update front bumper now replaced by toyota UK, not sure if I will hear of the test results from the inspection they do on the removed bumper but if I do i will update on here. The phone noise heard by the recipient of my calls is fixed...microphone/map light unit replaced . Road noise is still there of course , tyre pressures are correct, guess I will have to live with that
  3. Toyota GB are going to replace my front bumper so they can determine the cause of the stone chips poor paint bad batch external influences ie flying stones
  4. My Design does have the 17inch rims. its way noisier than a ford focus on 17 inch rims
  5. Thanks for comments. having to fill up every other day is a pain IMO, but guess its only 1 extra fill up a week over my last car that did over 500 miles on a tank . will get the dealer to check out the bluetooth/phone system and toyota GB are involved with the stone chips as its not just my car that has the issue. I am hoping the tyrres wear down fast so I can hopefully get some quieter ones fitted
  6. is it normal when speaking on the phone while driving for the other person to think you are in a windtunnel. everyone I speak to while driving complains about the background noise, the noise is the same on the other end wether I am doing 10mph or 70mph. Initially I thought it was related to the road noise (loudest car I have ever driven) but it would seem not. I also have a few stone chips on the front lower spoiler after a couple of thousand miles, as do others in the fleet, all new cars , no chips anywhere else , I may just be unlucky or there could be an issue with the paint etc.
  7. I have the same problem on my 2 month old corrolla 2.0 ST
  8. Spain and Italy are using the army to patrol streets why are you so sure it wont happen here
  9. I need at least an estate to do my job and this is the first time we have been offered anything other than an estate so was looking forward to a Rav 4 ( a couple of others on the list but they are already have high BIK rates), I doubt our fleet management is even aware of whats happening
  10. Maybe not but its hardy fair on us folks who have to drive a company car and are about to order a replacement, but have no idea how much BIK tax we will have to pay
  11. Thanks, from reading that if I am understanding it correctly the Icon looks to be 102Co2 at the mo and the new reading is 126, which wpould mean a jump of 5% in BIK after April 6th, these figures should be readily available to everyone and displayed on the manufacturers websites
  12. Hi Can i ask where you have seen the WLTP figures, i am considering a rav 4 for next company car, but I am paying around £100 a month tax for my focus titanuim at the mo, I dont want to be paying £200 a month
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