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  1. Yep, that's how my Auris works. A second press without your foot on the brake will connect the hybrid battery and enable more systems, rather than just running on the 12v battery.
  2. A couple of newbie questions, I'm afraid: 1. Does the Atkinson cycle engine in the hybrid system have an EGR system? I hope it isn't required... obviously another thing to go wrong and maintain. 2. What's wrong with Morrisons fuel? It all has to comply with strict standards which are surely more than adequate? Do they manage to circumvent compliance somehow? I've always used it with no problems and I'm getting 50mpg+ with my Auris Hybrid Estate, so I'm very happy about that!
  3. I also recall reading somewhere that the invention of the power split device was patented by four Californians in the late sixties. I found it fascinating learning how the PSD works, such an elegant piece of engineering! I haven’t noticed a reversing beep yet, but it’s nice to know it can be disabled if it becomes annoying. My next stop will be the Prius Chat site/forum that you’ve kindly recommended Gerg. Thank you for your generosity with your very helpful and informative posts. :-)
  4. Thanks Gents. I’ve got the car now and I’m very pleased with it so far. I’ve even read the manual, which I haven’t bothered doing for previous cars that I can remember. There’s a good feeling about this car and can see it being a keeper.
  5. Thanks again Gerg. I’ve been watching some of the Weberauto videos with interest.
  6. Hi Greg, That’s very helpful indeed, thanks very much! Have you come across the site below before? http://prius.ecrostech.com/original/PriusFrames.htm It’s based on a gen 1 Prius, but most of the info is relevant.
  7. I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to find out which hybrid platform the 2017 Auris is based on. It must be at least the 3rd generation, but there’s a chance it could be the 4th generation that was introduced on the Prius in 2016. Can anyone confirm please?
  8. Hi All, I’m picking up a 2017 Hybrid Auris Estate this afternoon from my local dealer. Back in 2004, the 2nd generation Prius caught my attention and I test drove one with a great desire to own one. Sadly the boot space just didn’t cut it at the time with a young family. Fast forward to 2020 and I wanted to economise having run a Ford Kuga for a couple of years. It has given me an opportunity to revisit Toyota’s hybrids and my local dealer recommended an Auris estate over a Prius for our needs. I’m looking forward to joining this community and will leave you with a link to a website
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