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  1. This is great - thanks. Deffo a permanent solution and not something that can be simply removed to drop the seats to throw in a couple of bikes. We just got rid of our Volvo XC60 for the Rav4 and the solution for the Volvo was really simple 😔 looks like the Travall is the one for us then
  2. Ooooh ace. Let us know how you go. Interested if it can be simply removed once fitted and whether the parcel shelf still fits 👍
  3. Thanks - yeah we priced those up and it made my eyes water. Was hoping for something a bit cheaper than the Toyota one 🤷‍♀️
  4. Sorry new member here are we’ve just got our RAV4 excel 4WD. I’ve done a good search but can’t find what I need I need a dog guard and wondered if anyone has any recommendations? The Halfords one gets a great review but someone says they couldn’t fit it to their RAV4? I want one we can easily remove so we can get the bikes in the back when we don’t have the dogs. I also want one that will allow us to keep and make use of the parcel shelf thingy when the dogs aren’t in the car Any advice appreciated - Thx