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  1. Hey Catlover. I have contacted Toyota Canada via their website but plan on calling them this week to voice my displeasure at the exclusion of the Prius model. The news of the "warranty enhancement " regarding the paint issue was just released on CBC late last week. I'm sure they have been busy! I will keep this forum updated of course!
  2. I am thinking of lettering my Prius with the words "Toyota says no paint problem with Prius" and letting the paint job speak for itself. I'm sure that would get somebodies attention! Unite Prius owners and be heard!
  3. Interesting that the IQ built in Japan is included. Maybe not enough Prius owners have voiced their displeasure with the paint problems on their vehicles. We need to voice our dissatisfaction in order to be heard!
  4. The Prius is currently not of the list of "affected vehicles". I'm wondering if that is due to it being the only one that is still produced in Japan where as all others are built in North America from what I can tell. Doesnt make sense to me though. Same primer, same 070 pearl white paint and same outcome. The prius should be included. I will be seeing my dealer this coming week to lodge a formal complaint. Will contact Toyota Canada as well.
  5. Oh yes. My 2010 Prius has slowly been losing paint for about 4 years. Dealer said, "sorry, out of warranty" numerous times. Both front A-pillars, above the windshield and random spots all around. Every time I wash it, the spots get bigger. Happens here in Canada too!