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  1. Thanks for the reply. I was actually watching that same video this morning. I think I’ll do a complete rebuild on the front ones as the one I have had off has been very stiff and then just change the slide pins on the rear as the pistons pushed back easily last summer when I changed the discs and pads. I’ll order the parts to my sisters place in the UK and pick them up when I visit in a couple of weeks, saves me paying Norwegian prices for parts!
  2. I’ve had a bit of trouble with the brakes on my 2012 Prius plus. First off about 18 months ago one of the front brakes started to stick, I took the calliper off and cleaned everything up as best I could without stripping it apart. I had some trouble with the piston coming out as I wasn’t aware how the brake system operated but managed to get it back in eventually and it was working ok. Last summer I had to replace a disc on the rear as the brakes had been badly wearing on the inside. Again I cleaned everything up as best as I could, the slide pins are stiff but everything seems ok. Now I’m having trouble with the front brake sticking again. I cleaned it all up this morning and so far it seems ok but now I’m thinking it might be time to give the brakes an overhaul to get them all working effectively again. Ive ordered new slide pin kits for all four corners and am thinking I should do the pistons as well. I’m just wondering if bleeding through brakes afterwards is straight forward? I see so many posts and videos for other types of Prius with some saying that a computer program is needed to do things properly. Can this be done normally at home with a bleed kit or is it a bit more specialized ( last brake bleed I did was about 30 years ago and things have moved on faster than I have)