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  1. Thanks I didn't know you could get them for the rear ,due to being pop out windows 🤔
  2. Update wind deflectors fitted fairly straightforward . These are Heko branded .
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401882126670 This is it 😎 Tel
  4. Next up something for the side sills don't fancy spending on the official ones so went for these. Didn't bother fitting with the rear ones as the curve of the floor area on the rear was a bit too tricky to apply.(plus dont carry rear passenger too often ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123876301976
  5. Update exhaust mod easy and cheap mod
  6. Update for the Aygo ..... Standard silver trim to the black trim stereo surround and gear surround just need to swap over the hazard switch and the blank switch Led bulb upgrade before and after .... 5 minutes to fit .
  7. Aygoo

    Aygo Decals

    An Aygo I spotted on auto trader with GR style graphics
  8. We'll much better mpg then my last car a steady 57-60mpg on the way back home . The clutch seems better then the pre facelift no clunking noise on slow moving traffic . Pulls better off the line . Less noise in the cabin and not sure if I'm imagining things but suspension has less roll . Any way first mod done as soon as I got home replace the mirror covers to black .I think it looks better my self but each to there own . Before and after ....
  9. We'll just clicked on watch on a few items he had and he send me offers on all very cheap Stereo surround for auto ac aygo's £20 polished black Cup holders section in polished black £20 Cup holders section in polished white £20 Stereo surround for auto ac aygo's £20 polished white Be quick not many left Sent him an offer for the price above or just hit watch he might send you the same offers https://ebay.co.uk/usr/angliavolvo
  10. Replacing the blank switch in the Aygo would it be possible to retro fit this on a xtrend , any idea on cost Cheers
  11. Thanks for this Devon Aygo ... Might peel the red one off first unsure if it's going to be grey(colour coded ) or black underneath ...
  12. I was looking for a service plan some thing like 3 years for £300 I know other manufacturers offer this but unable to find it on the website
  13. Trying to locate this red trim on the bumper as I know it comes in different colours . Some dealerships have told me it part of a sticker pack for the front and back bumper ....but I'm not convinced as the pre facelift I.e 2017 shape you can see the sticker section but in the showroom on the new shape 2019 looks like shinny plastic insert (see image bellow) Trying to order this part in black ...I'm sure dealerships are mixing up the accessory with the older one trying to charge me almost 300£ for the sticker set
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