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  1. I will try that tomorrow bud 🙂
  2. Skiny


    Couldn't tell ya mate I've not drove it yet, looks fine with the 13" steels on, I do have a set of 15" 6.5J to go on tho, should be fine 🙂
  3. Was at the yard at the weekend sorting cars/parts out and the bonnet cable has snapped 😞 tried the usual pull it with pliers but no joy. Is there an easy way to open it folks ? 2001 model
  4. Skiny


    I have -40mm in my 01 1.3, got them on Ebay 80 quid delivered 🙂
  5. Cheers bud, yea its something else as they say 🙂 big sleeper too. After my last gt-four I was told no more gt-fours so I bought the Caldina instead 🤪nice sensible family estate car.....
  6. Hey buddy, cant help with manuals but if your wanting part numbers will have them all 🙂
  7. My GT turbo starlet is 200 quid on a modified policy with Greenlight, but my ****box daily quarry road beater is 400 🙂 Caldina is 500 and I was shocked at that, but it's due to it being rare as rocking horse !Removed! 😎
  8. Hi folks, Skiny here. Some off you probably know me from other forums, only found this place yesterday lol Anyhow, I'm in Northern Ireland and currently the Daily Driver is a 2004 Caldina st246 gt-four N spec in pearl white 🙂 I have a 95 Starlet GT turbo quadlight aswell, that's the stupid loud project department and a 01 Yaris 1.3 that I'm going to do something with someday....... Oh, Hello Neil 🙂